Hola From Tamarindo: A Story In Photos

From the beach in front of our house, we can look to our left and see the town of Tamarindo. If properly motivated, we can walk along the beach toward Tamarindo and when we arrive at a big bend to the left, we could wave and shout to people across the way. What we cannot do is walk or swim across the estuary — it’s the home of tricky tides and crocodiles. Our options are to take a water taxi — $3 from the little dock by the Hotel Bula Bula a short walk away — or drive about 30 minutes over halfway paved, rutted roads. Our hosts chose the latter and hit the road to town for lunch. Here are some snaps of our adventures.

This is the little restaurant on the beach where we stopped for lunch — it’s called Nogui’s Sunset Café.

We sat directly on the beach…

And our cocktails! I’m following my “One Pina Colada Per Day” rule. Yummy!

This was our view from our chairs…

We didn’t learn until we were back at our house with an internet connection, that Noguis is well known for its pie. We declined pie at lunch; I had lobster tacos and skipped the tortillas. Dave whimpered a little when he found out about the pie reputation.


This was our waiter. Doesn’t he have such a great face? He was super nice, too. Unfortunately, he didn’t speak enough English to really impress upon us how important it was to try the pie.

After lunch, we went adventuring to another beach called Playa Negra. There are no photos because driving on the bumpy roads made Dave and I quite grumpy, and we were pouting for most of the afternoon. But if you want to, you can magine a deserted, white sand beach with blue ocean, and you’ll be on the right track.

On our way back into town, we saw some monkeys in the trees alongside the road. Then in a village just outside the gates to our neighborhood, a monkey ran across the street in front of our car — he looked like a dog! Then he scampered up the telephone poll right next to the car. (I know he was a boy monkey because he was, um… well endowed.)


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