I Know What I’m Doing After Work

My morning computer ritual:

1. check email
2. see what’s new on my favorite blogs
3. compare my workout to the crossfit.com WOD
4. get to work

Today’s WOD
Five rounds for time

  • 25 Inverted Burpees
  • 25 Pull-ups
  • 25 Burpees

Excuse me? Wha?! INVERTED BURPEE! What is this new trick?

The Inverted Burpee
Starting supine, kip (or sit-up and roll) to standing, kick-up to handstand. This burpee derivative involves similar amounts of work and greater skill than the traditional burpee.

You don’t say.

[Click the photo to see a larger version.]

One. I will try one. I offer no guarantee of success.
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