Pork Rinds: A Cautionary Tale
July 18, 2010

Around our house we call them "red light foods." You know the ones... the stuff you just can't have in the house because you'll snarf...

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Sometimes I Get Dropsy
January 15, 2010

It's often obvious when hormone-poisoning is about to strike. I start bashing my elbows into the TV stand and walking into doorways. (True story: I've...

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Paleo Kitchen: The Method Behind My Madness
January 14, 2010

You know how when you're daydreaming about packing a little travel case and hopping on the Concorde to Paris (because in your daydream the Concorde...

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2010: A Tabata Odyssey
December 29, 2009

I noticed something about next year... 2010 It looks remarkably like this... 20:10 Which should remind you of our favorite workout protocol: the tabata. Twenty...

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The Sleep of the Righteous, Part 2
November 17, 2009

Previously, I shared some of my tips and tricks to help you join the "nine is the new eight" snooze club. Today, I'm going to tell...

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The Sleep of the Righteous, Part 1
November 16, 2009

I'm becoming an 8-year-old. I can't eat sugar, I do best when I follow a schedule, and my "lights out" time is 9:45 p.m. Not...

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Zombie Attack Preparedness (ZAP) Workout
October 27, 2009

Around our house, we like to think that we're prepared for when the zombies attack, thanks to our fitness training and paleo diet. With Halloween...

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Being Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
October 24, 2009

Learning to properly lift heavy weight and practicing the Olympic lifts has been almost like starting all over with CrossFit. There's a huge difference between...

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Fight Gone Bad: A Story In Photos
September 29, 2009

Fight Gone Bad IV | Saturday, September 26, 2009 I was in the first heat at 8:00 a.m., and it was just gorgeous when we...

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Spartan Challenge 2009 | 300 Benchmark Workout: A Story In Photos
May 09, 2009

If I was going to pick one image to represent my Spartan 300 workout yesterday, it would be this one taken by the always fabulous...

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I Have a Confession to Make: I’m Probably Going to Say No
April 18, 2009

Y'all, I've been having some big fun for the last few weeks: the ZOOMA half marathon, a few after-work happy hours (with cocktails!), a visit...

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Gotcha, Box Jumps!
February 23, 2009

Travel back in time with me to March 2008. It was my third time EVER attending a UTB, and box jumps were on the menu...

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