Giveaway: Burlap & Barrel Spices

My affection for spices and homemade spice blends is well-documented—find all my homemade spice blend recipes here—and it’s always exciting to learn about a new, awesome spice company.

Meet Burlap & Barrel.

Burlap & Barrel sources best-quality and gorgeously colored spices for pro chefs and home cooks like you that want to make food that’s loaded with bold flavors. By partnering directly with artisan farms, they have access to spices that have never been available in the U.S. before—and that helps improve the livelihood of their partner farmers.

By creating new international spice supply chains, Burlap & Barrel is creating a model that is equitable, transparent, and traceable: “We believe that the standard measures of sustainability must evolve to consider the conditions in which the farmers who drive global food supply chains earn their livelihoods. Single origin ingredients draw attention to the unique environments in which incredible ingredients grow and to the farmers with the expertise and commitment to grow them well.”

Win a Weeknight Dinner Collection

Thanks to the kind people at Burlap & Barrel, we’re giving a Weeknight Dinner Collection to one lucky random winner. This collection of gorgeous spices will add zing! to your everyday meals.

It includes:

Black Urfa Chili (1.8 oz glass jar) | Urfa, Turkey
It has a rich, malty flavor with a lingering burn. Great in stews, tomato sauces, salad dressings, brownies and other desserts, or just sprinkled over fluffy scrambled eggs.

Cured Sumac (2.3 oz glass jar) | Gaziantep, Turkey
A classic Middle Eastern finishing spice, it has a bright, sour, salty, and slightly fermented flavor. Use it to add character and brightness to salads, fish, meat or dips.

Smoked Pimentón Paprika (1.8 oz glass jar) | Extremadura, Spain
Many countries produce versions of smoked paprika, but only Extremadura has been granted the Designation of Protected Origin for the uniqueness and historical tradition of its pimentón de la vera. Sweet, locally-grown red pimentón peppers are slowly dried over oak coals, which imbue them with a rich, smoky flavor that imparts a savory depth and gorgeous color to any dish.

To Enter:

1. Post to the comments on this post and answer this question:
If you could teleport to any country for dinner tonight, where would you go and what would you eat?

2. Click over to Burlap & Barrel and join their newsletter

Deadline to Enter: 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. Winner will be notified by email.

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  • Twinkle says:

    If I only had one night to teleport, I’d go to San Sebastián/Donostia and go to Bar Néstor for the tortilla (their tortilla looks insanely delicious), tomato salad, pintxo of peppers, anchovies, olives, and txuleta. To cap things off, I’d walk down the corner to try La Viña “burnt” cheesecake… I’m not a cheesecake fan but something about the contrasting darkened exterior with the fluffy light interior looks so compelling!

  • Susan says:

    I haven’t travelled enough to give a justifiable answer to your question.
    BUT…I already own about 7 of Barrel & Burlap’s spices! One of the owners (super nice guy) attended the Maker’s Faire in San Mateo last year and one of the few items that I purchased there was a line-up of spices from him. Great products!

  • Yoojin says:

    I’d teleport to Spain and eat all the cured meats and a delicious seafood paella!

    • Kaylee Kuhnle says:

      I just had a friends really good Hungarian goulash for dinner. I would love to try the original in Budapest! I’m going to have to find some good paprika to try making
      it myself.

  • Danielle says:

    I would teleport to Thailand and have some thai curry and/or see what the street vendors have. I have never been, but I imagine it is delicious.

  • Julie says:

    Oh my goodness…I’d teleport to Italy and eat anything there!!

  • mary bemowski says:

    Sri Lanka – String hoppers and dal.

    ps – Barrel & Burlap’s spices are To. Swoon. Over.

  • Sandra says:

    Turkey is on the top of my travel list. In Istanbul I would walk the warm and vibrant streets and stop to sample kebobs, the varied tastes of the mezzes (appetizers) including the spicy peppers and cool cucumber and yogurt and source out olives – I so love olives. As a perfect ending I would have the honey infused Baklava and turkish delight.

  • Veronica U says:

    I would definitely teleport to Thailand, because I can never get food spicy enough here in the US!

  • Tara says:

    I’d head to Taiwan for loads of stir fried veggies!

  • Michele G says:

    Taiwan for some night market street food!

  • Andrea Severson says:

    Florence, Italy, for a dinner of antipasto, beef tongue, roasted chicken and potatoes, and the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever had, drizzled with local honey – all available at the Mercato Centrale. OMG, food paradise!!!

  • Jim Brennan says:

    Budapest – because of how easy it is to get good, Whole-30ish food there. and Hungarian Paprika!

  • Maya says:

    I would go to India and eat the street food with crowds of people who all speak TASTY, but in different languages

  • Brie says:

    Back to Chile for empanadas.

  • Kristen F says:

    There are just so many…. India, France, Italy. I need like 5 teleport passes! 🙂

  • Melissa M says:

    I’d teleport to Morocco and ready all the tagines my belly could handle. It would definitely call for sweatpants and a loose-fitting

  • Lynn Craig says:

    Thailand for an assortment of street food. Pad Thai 🤤

  • Maureen T says:

    I’d go somewhere in Mexico near the ocean for guacamole and authentic Mexican food. Cerveza and margaritas as well.

    Or Trinidad! Bake and shark, plain bake with cinnamon sugar, mango chow, doubles, and roti.

  • Vanessa says:

    I would teleport to either india or Vietnam! I love glass noodle salad and eggplant curries so I would love to try either in it’s homeland! But honestly, If I could teleport, I would eat in a different country every night! 💕💕😳

  • Annabelle says:

    I would teleport to Morocco and have beef tagine.

  • stillshelley says:

    I would definitely teleport to Greece for authenic Moussaka and Baklava. . Dolmadakia stater. Missing my Aunt whose MIL was from Santorini and taught her well. That smoked Paprika is something I need . . . .

  • Susan says:

    Italy – anything!!!

  • Mica says:

    I’d teleport to Japan and eat all the sashimi!

  • Shelly says:

    If I can only pick one, I would go to India and eat my way along the street vendor carts.

  • Alyssa Block says:

    If I could teleport to anywhere in the world for dinner it would be Italy and I would eat everything!!!