25 Awesome Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes


I think it’s important for you to know something:

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

And although I love the exotic flavors (and taste bud travel) of international cuisine, I like my Thanksgiving dishes to be pretty straight-forward. We enjoy some long-standing traditions in my family (as a Taurus, I am steadfast in my devotion to them), and even though I eat sweet potatoes on the regular, the flavors of Thanksgiving—cranberries, turkey, sage, cinnamon—are among my favorites and somehow, still taste special on the fourth Thursday of November every year.

Here’s a collection of salads, soups, sides, snacks, and desserts from my archives. They’re all paleo and Whole30 compliant. I hope you find some new favorites for your table this year!


Spiced Roasted Turkey




Lemon-Maple Kale Salad With Dates and Almonds


Cranberry Waldorf Salad




Golden Cauliflower Soup


Sweet Potato Soup with Bacon


Roasted Carrot-Caraway Soup




Kickin' Cranberry Sauce | meljoulwan.comKickin’ Cranberry Sauce


Caramel-Apple Applesauce


Velvety Butternut Squash


Coconut-Almond Green Beans


Mashed Cauliflower


Cocoa-Toasted Cauliflower


Garlic-Balsamic Grilled Butternut Squash


Mustard-Garlic Brussels Sprouts




Sweet & Salty Spiced Nuts


Spicy Pumpkin-Spiced Pepitas


Gingerbread-Spiced Pecans


Marinated & Spiced Olives


Pear & Bacon Bites


Grain-Free Green-Ola




Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake With Maple-Vanilla Frosting


Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark with Sea Salt


Grain-Free Apple Cake


Maple-Pumpkin Coconut Macaroons


Punjabi-Style Carrot Pudding


Spiced-Nut Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream

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  • Jim Brennan says:

    I am SO making the Mashed Cauliflower, Mustard-Garlic Brussels Sprouts, and Pear & Bacon Bites (not to mention Primal Kitchen’s Spicy Squash and Sausage Stuffing (I think it’s OK to mention them here!)) for this year’s Thanksgiving feast. My guests may not even realize they’re being Whole-30’d (or close) haha!

      • Jim Brennan says:

        So everything was a hit, I honestly don’t think anyone knew they were eating cauliflower instead of spuds. They came out delicious (garlic, coconut milk and chives, hard to go too far wrong), but I think I steamed the florets a bit too long as I would have preferred a slightly firmer texture – any easy way to remedy that after the gaffe?

  • Kathie Gray says:

    These all look so yummy! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I might use some of these ideas at Christmas, I’ll have moved on to full GAPS by then so there will be more fun foody options! Thanks for all the inspiration.