My New Amazon Store

So, this is pretty fun…

I have a new store on Amazon!

It’s a new place for me to highlight my favorite products—cooking gadgets, paleo-friendly goodies, books to get lost in, and more—all in one place. My plan is to update it weekly with new finds and old favorites.

For example, this week, I’ve highlighted some of the paleo-friendly food products that I’m missing from the United States. (sad trombone)

Click on over to see what they are!


Tuesday 10: Fave Paleo Products

Generally speaking, I like to make everything from scratch, and I don't eat treats very often. My food life is mostly built around protein, veggies,...

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Tasty Paleo Products

It's been a while since I shared recommendations for some of my favorite paleo products. (Remember this epic list?) I get samples from paleo-friendly companies all the...

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  • Virginia says:

    I’m trying to send the trilogy as a gift from your new store, and there’s no where in ‘check out’ to put a note. Therefore I’m not completing the order as the recipient will not know where this package came from. To have it sent to me would double the shipping. maybe you could add that plug in for customers who want to send gifts from the store? Thank you.

    • There’s a place in my online store where you can leave a note for ME, and when I complete the order, I can include a note to the recipient. I’ve done this many times before, and I always LOVE helping people with gifts!