Welcome Yule 2017

The Shortest Day by Susan Cooper

And so the Shortest Day came and the year died
And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world
Came people singing, dancing,
To drive the dark away.
They lighted candles in the winter trees;
They hung their homes with evergreen;
They burned beseeching fires all night long
To keep the year alive.
And when the new year’s sunshine blazed awake
They shouted, reveling.
Through all the frosty ages you can hear them
Echoing behind us—listen!
All the long echoes, sing the same delight,
This Shortest Day,
As promise wakens in the sleeping land:
They carol, feast, give thanks,
And dearly love their friends,
And hope for peace.
And now so do we, here, now,
This year and every year.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Veselé Vánoce! Happy 2018!

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  • Love it! Thanks for sharing. I have become a big fan of Yule lately. Love your website and your recipes. Keep doing what you do! Happy Yule to you and yours too, Melissa!!!

  • Kathie Gray says:

    The light always shines so brightly in you Melissa, may thus new year be a joyful one. The sub did not appear for us here in Northern Ireland today (low cloud and fog) so we are still waiting for the new year to he born. Luckily it’s the 21st century so I’m not unduly afraid that the sun will not return!

  • Kathie Gray says:

    Thank you. On the third morning we were blessed with a beautiful sunrise. Just in time too as we were considering sacrificing the neighbours cows!