Faith Hope Love Rocks

The internet is a weird and wonderful place. You know how sometimes the tidal wave of the internet washes someone into your personal splash zone, and you think, “That’s a good person!”

That’s how I felt when I met Windy.

We online-met about five years ago, and were online correspondents for months—bonding over paleo and life stuff—and then we finally met in person at PaleoFX. The in-real-life version of Windy was just what I’d hoped: kind, smart, self-deprecating, and just an all-around good egg. And talented! she recently launched a beautiful, handmade jewelry line that I think you’ll love.

This is Windy and some of the sea glass she collected to make new jewelry—her treasures are made from found materials near her home in San Diego.

And these are a few samples of her work. So pretty!

To see more tempting baubles, visit the FaithHopeLoveRocks store on Etsy—and follow Windy on Instragram for updates on her new pieces.

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