Well Fed Weeknights Mini Tour

Dave and I are hitting the road for two weeks in November to drive up the coast of California (vacation!), visit Austin, and sign Well Fed Weeknights at two of my favorite book stores (work-fun!).

I hope you can come out and see me!

We’re starting in San Diego, then stopping in Los Angeles on our way to Hearst Castle, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and San Francisco—before we hop on a plane to head to Austin, Texas. Throughout our trip, I’m making up for being lonely in Vermont with visits to some of my very favorite people (who also happen to be food superstars): Steph of Stupid Easy Paleo, Hilah of Hilah Cooking, Simone of Zen Belly, and Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo—plus a super-fun cousin and our Austin friends who have nothing to do with food (which kinda makes me love them all the more). This trip is a blend of work and fun, which pretty  much describes how I try to approach work stuff most of the time. And the adventures start right here at home, at my gym KDR Fitness, a.k.a., the place I love almost as much as my kitchen.


October 26 | KDR Fitness | Lebanon, NH | Workout @ 4:00 pm | Signing @ 5:00 pm
KDR is my totally kickass gym, and I’m very excited about this event because we’re doing a primal workout before we talk books. Come out and play with me!

November 5 | Facebook Live with Nom Nom Paleo | 3:00 pm
We’re doing a live cooking demo of Chicken Paillard with Onion-Pepita Relish from Well Fed Weeknights. I can only assume some kind of hijinks will also be on the schedule.

November 7 | Omnivore Books | San Francisco, CA | 6:30 pm
Omnivore is a fantastic culinary bookstore, and I’m delighted to be doing a signing there. It’s literally a dream come true. I’ll be going to Omnivore on Sunday, too, when Diane Sanfilippo and Simone Miller are signing their books. Rumor has it they’re crashing my signing, too.

November 9 | BookPeople | Austin, TX | 7:00 pm
We’re returning to our old Austin stomping grounds! And I’m thrilled that Common Threads—the charity we chose to receive some of the proceeds from Well Fed Weeknights—will be joining us at BookPeople.

Dave’s been tutoring me on little drawings I can do in the books, and I’ve been practicing, but honestly, I’m just not sure my skills will be up to snuff by the time I need to be signing your books. You’ll have to come out to these events to see if I succeed!

Signed Copies of Well Fed Weeknights

BookPeople is a truly awesome independent bookstore with a beautifully curated collection of fiction, nonfiction, magazines, and unique gifts. They supported the original Well Fed when it was first release, and I was new to self publishing (a.k.a., learning as I went along a sometimes rocky path). I’ve always really appreciated how they embraced Well Fed and Well Fed 2. Now they’re making signed copies of Well Fed Weeknights available with worldwide shipping, ’cause they’re just really cool like that. You can order a signed copy here—just add it to your cart and specify SIGNED COPY in the comments field when you check out.

Pre-order now—official release November 1

You can pre-order Well Fed Weeknights so many awesome places, including my online store. I encourage you to support your favorite local bookstore by pre-ordering there—or use the links below to order online.

Amazon | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK | BAM! Books-a-Million | Barnes & Noble | BookPeople
Hudson BooksellersIndie Bound | Indigo | Powell’s | Target | Walmart

If you need more convincing—or just want to start cooking some of the Well Fed Weeknights recipes before the book is officially launched on November 1—you can download a free 70-page sampler that features 18 recipes, including Fried Chicken Meatballs. Get the Well Fed Weeknights sampler now!
*photo courtesy of flickr photog Rian Castillo
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  • Andrew says:

    Too bad you’re not stopping by in Houston!

  • Kay says:

    So glad to hear you will be doing facebook live with NomNomPaleo. I watch her every week. My husband looks at me with my phone and buds and goes “NOMNOM Time?”

  • Shea says:

    If you are starting your Book Road Trip in San Diego, would you consider doing an event in San Diego?

  • Chrissy says:

    As a gal who travels 10 months out of the year, I wholeheartedly recommend essential oils…easy to pack 1) lavender oil relaxation -earlobes; 2) peppermint, digestion- breast bone, and 3) Rosemary, scalp -helps keep your memory sharp. Best wishes to you and team on a successful tour! Sadly, you will not be coming to Boston, but I preordered and looking forward to opening my present on my 11/2 birthday.

    • Thanks for the recommendations — I’m going to give that a try! Sorry we’re not making it to Boston this time; we couldn’t sort out the timing with our other commitments.