Five “Deserted Island” Foods

Way back in 2011, The Houston Press published a post about five foods to take to a desert island. Unsurprisingly, the author’s list included chocolate chip cookies. Which got me thinking: If I was stranded on an island without access to a grocery store, my fully-stocked freezer and spice cabinet, and my kickass CSA, what foods would I need to survive?

First, since this is my daydream, I’ve outlined a few conditions:



I’m insisting that my deserted island be located somewhere tropical and be covered with acres of healthy coconut palms. That way I’ll have access to all the coconut products I need. Hello, coconut butter!


I somehow have the skills and knowledge to catch fish and seafood, and to evaporate sea water to make salt. (What?! I’ll read a book before I get stranded.)


I’m stipulating that I have a machete. Perhaps I found it stuck in a tree trunk?!


My island also provides plenty of plantains, yucca, and bananas for my carb needs—I’m going to be very, very active. (Um. This island is sounding pretty kickass right about now, don’tcha think?)

Bora Bora[photo]

OK. Given all of that, here are the five foods that I’ll magically have in my purse when I somehow find myself stranded on my kickass tropical island…



I’m going to need a green vegetable and zucchini wins because I’m pretty sure I can’t survive without Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup. I might have to forego the ginger, but I will not be denied my daily soup. And—bonus!—zucchini could be made into noodles with my mad machete skills, so I could enjoy elegant seafood pasta dishes.



Imagine how luscious Sunshine Sauce would be made with freshly pressed coconut milk! Plus I could stir Sunbutter into seafood stews and spread it on slices of cooked plantain. (Who am I kidding?! I usually just eat it from the jar with a spoon, TBH.)


Grass-fed ribeye steak.

All that fresh seafood and fish would be scrumptious and satisfying—and maybe I’d even manage to nab a bird now and then. But after a while, I’d be craving some serious red meat. And there’s nothing more serious than a ribeye. (Plus I could use my machete to mince it for meatballs to eat with my zucchini noodles—or to literally make Bora Bora Fireballs.)



My own homemade sea salt would be brilliant, but freshly-minced garlic would really make everything sing. I could use my machete to slice it into paper-thin chips to dry in the sun, too!


Green & Black’s 85% Dark Chocolate.

No explanation needed.

Tell us in comments what your deserted island foods would be!

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  • Suzan says:

    Steak, yukon gold potatoes, asparagus, strawberries, and Alter Eco 85% Dark Blackout Chocolate. I could eat this meal every single night, but I need that island with the coconuts and salt water to make oil and salt!

  • Linda Sand says:

    Not sure what the rest of my list would be but potatoes, for sure. Thinly sliced, stirred with oil, sprinkled with sea salt, and baked in my solar oven to make potato chips. My mind and body need their salty-crunchy food. Even more than they need chocolate.

  • LJ says:

    Can’t survive on a deserted island (or at home) without Sriracha. Sriracha on everything.

  • Sarah says:

    Bacon; dark chocolate, almond butter, salmon with crispy skin, sweet potatoes…baked until they are caramelized & sweet.

  • rachel says:

    This Is making me giggle because I literally live on a tropical island with coconuts everywhere, lots of fresh seafood, bananas & yucca, and actual machetes that local farmers wear tied around their waists. I guess I am living the dream! And in my experience, food that needs to be imported: chocolate (good choice), coffee, spices, and nuts. Sunflower seed butter would be amazing. We’ve got plenty of garlic, wild greens, & believe it or not, grass-fed beef.