Best Paleo Recipes of 2015

One of the things that’s pretty nice about the world of paleo bloggers is that we all know and support each other, so even though I work at home (in my yoga pants, with bedhead and smudgy mascara), I feel like I have partners in this caper that I can rely on for support and fun conversation—it’s just that our virtual workplace spans the globe.

Bill and Hayley of Primal Palate organized 32 of us to contribute to an interactive ebook (PDF) called The Best Paleo Recipes of 2015.

The Best Paleo Recipes of 2015

It’s a curated collection of 192 recipes from the very best paleo authors and bloggers. Basically, Bill and Hayley sent us all email and said, “What are your best recipes—and how about making us a new one, too?!” So this book is packed with the best of the best, and more than 30 of the recipes haven’t been published before. NEW RECIPES!

The contributors include Mark Sisson, Steph Gaudreau, Ciarra Hannah, Bill and Hayley, Juli Bauer, Russ Crandall, Simone Miller, Danielle Walker, and a slew of other bloggers with delicious paleo recipes. See?

The Best Paleo Recipes of 2015 features 192 recipes and every paleo chef created a new recipe exclusively for the book, so that means 32 of the recipes haven’t been published anywhere else. My new contribution is Mexcian Mole Meatballs. It looks like this (and it’s crazy delicious):


But there’s also all of this and more:


Take a peek inside:

A few things you should know:

Not all of the recipes are Whole30 compliant, but they do fit the paleo template.

The ebook is being sold for $29.95. (And when you buy using the link below, I make a commission. Thanks for your support!)

The eBook is an interactive PDF that will work on your computer, phone, or tablet—and it includes hundreds of in-document shortcuts for ease of use.

Get your copy of The Best Paleo Recipes of 2015 now!

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