Welcome To My New Site


The day has arrived to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. *sniff*

Welcome to my beautiful new home online—and for you old-timers, thanks for sticking around with me since 2008! I feel so fortunate to be (virtually) surrounded by such smart, supportive, cool, motivated people. I hope you like all the new stuff we built into the site to make it easier and more inspiring to use. Let’s take a tour!


I think the new recipe layout is my favorite thing about the site. In addition to the fresh, clean design, each recipes page also serves up two related recipes…


… and a print button. All hail the print button!


We also added new categories to the Recipes pull-down menu, including a Whole30 section, so you can browse more easily.



Fave Posts

I’m going to update this section more frequently with my favorite posts from now and the past. This is the place to find the best non-recipe posts about things like motivation, body image, my travel adventures, books, and more. Visit Fave Posts.

Paleo 101

This section has been expanded so there’s more information about paleo basics and the Whole30, just in case you need a page to convince skeptical friends and family. This page is also where I’ve collected all of my Whole30 how-to posts, as well as a list of my favorite paleo resources. Visit Paleo 101.


We made the store more visual, so it’s easier to find what you need. I’ll continue to add my favorite products so it’s a convenient way for you to get the best paleo goodies. Visit the store.


The search is so much better! You can just type in the name of a recipe, and bam! you should find it, easy-peasy.


The sidebar highlights the awesome companies that I’ve partnered with as an affiliate, so you can shop for paleo goodies from my favorite sources.


Somewhere along the line when I wasn’t paying attention, 50% of my audience started accessing my site on their mobile devices. Mobile readers, this is for you! The mobile experience is brilliant, you guys. You’re going to love it. It’s easy to browse and navigate around, and the recipes are far more legible. See?


A little patience and your help

We’ve been doing lots of behind-the-scenes work to make this transition as smooth as possible, but we might have missed a few things. Our team (except for Smudge because she refuses to type) will continue to update posts from the archive to make sure all the links are working and that the pages look as pretty as possible. But we’re only human (again, except for Smudge), so if you find a link that’s not working, or a page that looks wonky, please shoot me a message with our spiffy new contact form.

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  • Janet Riley says:

    Love it!! Thanks for all you do!!

  • Caroline says:

    THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!!! can’t wait to use all the new features! well done 🙂

  • I’m glad you think so — we’re really happy with the new design. Have fun poking around!

  • It looks awesome! I love the new design and logo. Also just found a bunch of things I need over in the shop…

  • Susannah says:

    It’s fantastic!!! Can’t wait to explore and I’m very happy to see it’s responsive – I’m usually reading on my Nexus.

  • Kim d. says:

    I love it, is looks SO good! I checked your site this morning and then came back late this afternoon to double check a recipe and BAM! your new site popped up to great me. It really looks great.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Hurray! The site looks wonderful! Congratulations, lady. ♡

  • Love the new site Melissa! It looks awesome and I cant wait to explore and find all those recipes that I had forgotten about but I know I will be dying to make!

  • Morten G says:

    Beautiful! The font is a bit small on my laptop. But that’s a tiny criticism and everything else is gorgeous.

  • Ah, this is SO enticing! And it looks great on my mobile device, too. (Although I only comment on things while using the laptop.) Congrats to you and your team (especially Smudge).

  • Amy O says:

    Love the new site , looking forward to all fun things coming

  • Claire says:

    Hi Mel
    It looks fantastic! Great work so exciting!
    Claire x

  • Holy WHOA! Love love love the new site redesign. Sad to see the old one go, but this one is all new and shiny! Congrats to you and your awesome team! Thanks for everything you do 🙂 I’m cooking through Well Fed this month! I kind of did them out of order…well fed 2 was first and I think I did 40 of the recipes, ha!

  • Lolette says:

    Congratulations !! Wow, so glad you are still here, all grown up and “30-cated” (sophisticated) now. Without your recipes I would be very sad. I have both books but the blog is like meeting up for coffee.

  • Thank you for all the lovely comments, everyone! Hope you enjoy the new site.

  • Lisa D. says:

    ALL HAIL THE PRINT BUTTON (for those recipes not in WF1 and WF2)! Love this new look, Mel, LOVE!! And, bless you (and Smudge) for the mobile site. Why can I never remember to write down what I need for the Cauli Rice recipe? I swear I access that link a million times from your site.

  • Alison G says:

    That about sums up how I feel too, I have the books but come here for coffee too! And the many inspirational posts and Melissa’s cherry personality of course 🙂 Oh and many congrats on the new site. I know you are relieved it’s live. Alison

  • Danielle C says:

    Your site looks great!

  • Sonya says:

    Woo Hoo!! Love, Love, LOVE it!! So excited for the print button AND the mobile friendly version! I can’t count how many times I’m in the grocery store or chatting with a friend about one of your awesome recipes and have to pull it up on the phone. Except for those I already know by heart because they are favorite regulars in my house. Here’s to the coffee club, blog chatters!

  • lynda maccagnan says:

    Beautiful website..glad u finally got it up and running. Looking forward to nosing around the recipe section..much easier to use. Have Well Fed 1 and 2, but still like coming to the blog to see what’s new

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous! I’ve been digging around reading and rereading some of your old posts. Good stuff, Mel!

  • Melissa says:

    Your site is lovely!!! Congratulations on this next chapter, I am off to make your mayo!

  • Christina Abbott says:

    Wow! I LOVE your new site….Thanks for caring about us and providing such a wonderful resource center and “GO TO”! It is definitely marked as one of my Favs! Yay Melissa 🙂

  • Stefanie says:

    Dear Melissa,
    The site looks wonderful with an amazing layout and design! Well done and good job! Because I think this is such a terrific site I do feel bad about giving a recommendation for improvement: all hail the Print Button – definitely, and it works beautifully, but I can hardly read the writing as it is way too small. Yes, it´s great that the recepies fit onto one page, but there is still a lot of room on the print-outs, so maybe the font size could be enlargened a little? Thanks! 🙂

  • Nikki says:

    This new site is awesome girl! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The background color is very easy on the eyes, too {praise hands emoji} I wanna take a sec to thank you for all of your recipes…you have really made my transition to paleo easy and delicious. And I now enjoy cooking and look forward to being in the kitchen. My sis and I are constantly texting and calling each other saying “Oh my Gosh have you made Mel’s such-and-such??!!” You’re our honorary best friend lol!

  • Rochelle Braaten says:

    Love the new site!! Especially the mobile option, when I am not using my well worn copy of Well Fed, I usually have my phone in the kitchen. Wonderful!!

  • Kerri says:

    Love the new site…thanks for giving it such an exciting new look! I’ve been a fan of your site and books for the last five years and feel like you continually keep it fresh and interesting. Can’t wait to see what’s next (WF3?!?!).

  • Ash says:

    Just want to let you know that my Norton Anti-Virus program warned me about the “redirection” I got to your new website. I clicked on the link I had saved to your former website, and got a pop-up from Norton advising me that this website is “new” and that not many people frequent it. I ignored the advice and clicked “open” anyway. Glad to see you are up and running.

  • Rochelle Braaten says:

    What a wonderful thought 🙂

  • Janell says:

    Sooooo excited for your new site! Looks great. Can’t wait to sit down and play. Love the store….