Join Me at PaleoF(x)


It’s official: I’m presenting at PaleoF(x) in Austin during the weekend of April 24-26 — and I couldn’t be more excited because it’s a joint production with Stephanie Gaudreau, the brains and beauty behind Stupid Easy Paleo and The Performance Paleo Cookbook.

We’re teaming up on a session called 20 Ways To Make Paleo Easier and More Fun. Our plan is to take an approach inspired by pecha kucha. A true pecha kucha presentation means 20 slides with just 20 seconds of talking spent on each slide. I’m pretty sure we’ll be talking about each of our slides for more than the blink-of-an-eye-and-it’s-gone 20 seconds — but the plan is to keep all of our information short, sweet, and, most importantly, actionable so you can pick up tips to start using right away.

Also exciting is the news that Michele Tam, aka, Nom Nom Paleo will be presenting “Umami: Applying the Art and Science of the Fifth Taste” with her pal Gregory Gourdet from Top Chef. And all the usual suspects will be bringing their big brains, too: Melissa and Dallas Hartwig of Whole30 fame, Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, Mark Sisson, plus a bajillion more.

So. You should register! Come hang out in Austin with us and learn more about how to live your best paleo life.

Here’s some propaganda to get you excited about the possibilites:

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  • Judith says:

    Sounds like fun! I live a bit too far away, but hopefully you will post some of the information you present. I commented on the recipe page, but I wanted to thank you again for the Crispy Oven Baked Sweet Potatoes. Also thank you for the links about Japanese sweet potatoes and the one on carbs. I especially appreciated the carb one since I have been having difficulty similar to the examples she gave. I am not a heavy exerciser, I have an autoimmune issue and am in my 60’s, but I have been mostly paleo for almost 2 years and it works for me. I am going to use the left over fries for snacks when the carb craving and fatigue hit.
    Thank you for being such a great resource and for your great recipes! They always work!

  • Danielle Corrick says:

    I was there last year and learned so much! I can’t pull it off financially this year, but I’m hopeful for 2016! Have fun!!

  • Lisa B says:

    Melissa, I am a huge fan of your books and the Whole30. In fact, lots of converts here in San Jose!

    Do you have any upcoming plans to speak in California Bay Area San Jose or San Francisco). A PaleofX here would be awesome!

    • I’m so glad you like the books — thank you! No plans for CA at the moment. We just moved to Vermont a few months ago, and I’m trying to minimize my work-related travel, BUT when our new books come out — maybe in 2016/2017? — we’ll probably hit the road and California will definitely be on the itinerary.