Happy Weekend


This plyo box at the gym seemed shocked at how hard I was kicking ass at my workout today. A good, solid 75 minutes of effort and sweat set me up for a great day and a fun weekend.

Tonight, we’re seeing This Is Where I Leave You.

And, because it’s starting to get pretty chilly here, we’re off to Farm-Way tomorrow— a store that at least five people told me I must visit for boots, a serious coat, a “real” hat (because, apparently my Patriots hat is a Fall hat not a “real” hat), and wool socks.

Then it’s FOOTBALL SUNDAY! Which means I’m going for a walk in Quechee Gorge, then taking up my spot on the couch with Dave and Smudge to watch the Patriots vs. Okland Raiders. This is how Smudge watches the game:


Wishing you a fun-filled weekend with lots of delicious paleo food and snuggle time!


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  • melody says:

    got my quarterly box today and already cut myself with that pretty but sharp little knife. lol. only i would hurt myself with a care package.

    the whole family was intrigued. great idea!

  • Chia says:

    So happy you are finding all the fun spots in the 603 & VT! Did you love Farm Way (and find the ‘discount room’ upstairs??)? I grew up spending my summers in Piermont, NH. Try hiking Mt. Cube this fall – you will love it!

    • Farm-Way was awesome. Dave wears size 15 shoes, so he can never buy them in stores, but he find a totally kickass pair of Sorels in the Bargain Balcony in his size for just $100. SO exciting!

  • Jennifer S. says:

    Have not gotten my box yet, but it said that it shipped so I cannot wait!

  • Sarah Frazier says:

    Loved the quarterly box! I discovered your website during my first whole30 and now own both Well Fed cookbooks. Your recipes are so delicious yet practical and functional, that they don’t scare me away from trying brave new things in the kitchen. Thank you!! You are a huge factor in my success with clean eating.

    • That is a whole lot of awesome! Thank you for subscribing to my Quarterly box and for buying our cookbooks! I’m really glad you’re enjoying all of it. Congratulations on taking on paleo and winning!

    • Thank you so much for subscribing to Quarterly and buying out cookbooks! I’m really glad you like our recipes, and I hope you’re having lots of fun in the kitchen. Congrats on tackling the Whole30!

  • Trish says:

    Got my Quarterly box today! My birthday’s this coming Sunday and this is a great present to myself. Right now the coconut butter’s going EAT ME EAT ME RIGHT NOW YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. I’m also proud that I was able to get the knife out of its wrapper without the kitchen turning into a slasher flick scene. And how did you know I was running low on ghee? The box was made of all sorts of awesome, I’m already psyched for the next one!

    • I’m really glad you like the goodies. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! Little known fact: a spoonful of coconut butter before bed guarantees sweet dreams 😉

      The November box has a really fun theme. I can’t wait for everyone to get it! Thank you for subscribing.

  • So happy to think of you NOT suffering the Texas heat anymore, dreaming up new and fabulous Paleo soups and comfort meals for your adoring fans.

    LOVED my Quarterly box!! So glad you are doing it.

  • pve says:

    Great stuff here. I am fairly new to Paleo and love it. I was wondering if you would ever be interested in hosting a give-away on my blog for one of your books. I would be happy to reciprocate and give-away some notes or a work of art. Take a look at my site, http://www.pvedesign.com
    Just back from a wet and wild walk with my dog!