Quarterly: Paleo Fun in the Mail


You know how awesome it is when you check the mail, and you’re expecting the usual boring bills and catalogs, but then there’s a package just for you? And it’s loaded with goodies you love, plus a personal note signed by a person you like?

How you’d like to get a package like that from me four times a year?

If that sounds like a good idea to you, please head over here and tell Quarterly that you want me to be the curator of a paleo/primal box! (International friends, Quarterly ships to Canada and the rest of the world, so everyone can subscribe to my Quarterly box!)

UPDATE August 8, 2014: I got great news from Quarterly today! I got enough votes, and I’m going to be a curator… which means a super cool paleo/primal box, put together by yours truly, is available from Quarterly soon. You can learn more and sign up here!

About Quarterly

Every three months, the Quarterly curators — like Book Riot, Andrew Zimmern, Timothy Ferriss, and me (!) — put together a box of goodies and send it to their subscribers. It’s like a quarterly magazine only better because it’s stuff to do — and in my case: eat — in addition to stuff to read. “It’s like a magazine,” says a Quarterly rep, “but instead of receiving words on a page, our subscribers receive actual items that tell a compelling story crafted by the curator.”

My Quarterly Box

I’m pretty excited about the idea of being your personal paleo/primal shopper! So what will I put in my Quarterly boxes? The stuff I love: handy, cute kitchen gadgets… delicious new paleo and primal products… books that inspire and inform… decorative doodads… and probably some one-of-a-kind surprises, because custom stuff is the best. Imagine I could turn my blog into a box of gifts, and you’ll be on the right track. Learn more and sign up here!


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