My New Spoon Treat

I think you guys know about my deep affection for Sunbutter. It’s a true, pure love.

But at the PaleoFX conference, the good people of Barefoot Provisions introduced me to a new hearthrob: Organic Cinnamon Red Maca Almond Butter from a pretty sweet company called Jem Raw Organics in Bend, Oregon.


It tastes like graham crackers. EXACTLY like graham crackers. Only it’s in a smooth, creamy, spoon-able form. I gushed about how much I liked it so passionately that they gave me the sample jar because that was all they had left. Yes, I have no pride: I (giddily) took the half-empty jar and brought it home with me. It’s that yummy.

It’s luscious and satisfying and — happy surprise! — it’s no slouch in the ingredients and nutrition department. It contains almonds, maca root, coconut palm sugar, and cinnamon.

Jem uses Fair-Trade, non-GMO sprouted almonds, soaked, dehydrated and stone ground at low temperatures to preserve the nutrients. The maca  adds a complex malty flavor and it’s said to help increase stamina, combat fatigue and stress — and even boost libido. Ooh la la! The coconut palm sugar is a not-so-naughty sweetener, and cinnamon has been shown to have antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Not for nothing, the people at Barefoot Provisions were ridiculously nice and care deeply about high-quality food that tastes amazingly good. There are so many delicious things in their online store — but this one was definitely my fave. I ate it on a spoon, banana slices, my finger tip, some grapes, a bigger spoon, an apple slice… you get the idea.


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  • Lynn says:

    I just bought a jar, OMG!
    I would have stolen the half empty jar if they wouldn’t give it to me.

    • Mel says:

      Right?! I just got a new jar in the mail, and I haven’t opened it yet because I’m know when I open it, I’m going to want to eat a spoonful every day.

  • Erin C says:

    Thank you…I think… 🙂

    After reading this, I immediately jumped over to Barefoot Provisions and promptly spent $200… After receiving and tasting everything, all I can say is wow! This may be dangerous to have around because I’m obsessed!!! The two jars (plus a few other things from Jem) are my new Most Favorite Things In the World.