Rants & Raves 3/1/2014

Olympics glory, fun fashion, Bill Murray, and the all-pizza diet — welcome to a new collection of Rants & Raves!

Rants, Or… Why Is the World So Disappointing Sometimes?

Um… I like zucchini soup for breakfast.
I know not everyone shares my predilection for warm, soothing, puréed veggies for breakfast. But surely you don’t want to start your day with the latest that Taco Bell is serving up. That doesn’t even look like food. So yellow! So smooth! So gooey! Read more about it. (And then make yourself a batch of Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup to cleanse your palate.)


Maybe BPA isn’t so bad after all. Really?!

Yeah, who wouldn’t want to eat pizza every day?

Raves, Or… Let’s Celebrate These Awesome Things!

See you in 2018!
It’s been a week since the closing ceremoy on the Olympics. Sniff. I watched almost every minute of the primetime broadcast of the Olympics — and I would have happily watched more except we don’t have cable (because I cannot resist TV or Baked Lays, so I don’t have cable and I keep junk food out of the house). There is definitely a little hole in my life where the Olympics lived for two weeks. But this will help me remember the good stuff: from Buzzfeed, ranking Johnny Weir’s Olympic outfits (so fab!) and memorable moments of the Sochi Olympics. I was definitely most moved by #7, Evgeni Plushenko pulling out of the competition and then retiring (sniff) and #8, Alex Bilodeau celebrating his win with his brother. (Is someone chopping onions in here?) See all 16.

I love this post from the Carnivore Diary on how to take smart baby steps to cleaning up your diet.

Liz Wolfe’s book Eat the Yolks is brilliant, and she’s hosting a HUGE giveaway to celebrate. You should get in on it.

I love the sense of humor in the clothing in this Moschino Fall Collection — and I think it’s clear I need the black and white gown in the last photo.

I’m also incredibly excited about seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel next weekend. To get ready, you can stream the soundtrack online. It’s moody, charming, and perfect for daydreaming.

There’s just something about Prague that inspires stories like this one from Bill Murray.

I definitely prefer food that doesn’t need a Nutrition Facts label, but at least the new labels are more informative and realistic.

And finally… I adore the advice in this image from Retronaut. Call me old fashioned, but I think we can’t go wrong by being just a bit lady-like.



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