My Paleo Mag Column

I’ve been a reader of Paleo Magazine since its early days, and I’ve contributed a few recipes to previous issues. I was also delighted to win a few Paleo Magazine awards last year. (Chocolate Chili and Peach Almond Crisp from the original Well Fed were big winners!)

Now I’m delighted to share the news that I’ll be writing a new recipe column — along with one of Dave’s stunning photos — for every issue of the magazine. How fun is that?! My first recipe — for the Korean dish Bibimbap — is in the February/March issue, and I’m thrilled with how it came out.


I was also the subject of the Fridge Voyeur in the lastest issue, which gives everyone a peek inside my refrigerator — it was actually clean for a change! (And I picked up a few more Paleo Mag awards this year, too. So nice! Thank you for your votes!)


All of which is to say: I think you should subscribe to Paleo Magazine because it’s always packed with cool stuff and now, it will also always include a new international recipe from me, along with a playful look at the history of the dish.

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