Snow And Ice, Come To Life


Have I mentioned how much I love the Olympics?! Fave moments so far: watching Evgeni Plushenko skate, the men’s sprint biathlon, Alex Bilodeau and his brother Frederic… and right now, I’m figuratively chewing my fingernails waiting for the final of the men’s 1500 meter speed skating.

This is the incredibly awesome trailer for the 2014 Winter Olympics from the BBC.

I’ve given the following quite a bit of thought: I’m afraid of heights and I don’t like to move too fast; I have a lot of endurance; and I like to pretend I’m a secret agent. Therefore, I think my most successful Olympic sport would be biathlon. Sprinting them shooting?! One hundred percent yes. But considering my Roller Derby past, women’s ice hockey is also a tempting possibility.

It’s probably not too late for me to start training and become an Olympian, right?

Also, do you think I could compete ice hockey or biathlon, but dress like I’m a figure skater? You know how I feel about sparkly things.


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