Review and Giveaway: YAWP Bars


I went through a pretty serious Larabar phase back in 2009 when I first made the switch to dino-chow. I was weaning myself off my beloved Zone-friendly Balance bars (which are filled with crappy, unpronounceable ingredients) and was delighted with the minimal ingredients listed on the Larabar wrapper. But Larabars rarely make it into my mouth these days — they’re just too sweet! And with 23 grams of sugar, they’re very tempting to the sugar demon.

Meet my new, nutritious friend: YAWP! Bars.

Made with organic ingredients and a very minimal amount of dates (just one date per bar to help hold things together), YAWP! Bars are super crisp, more nutty than sweet, and do not even flirt with the sugar demon, let alone let him out of his cage. My husband Dave, who is generally opposed to any kind of bar-type foodstuff, bought a box of these babies on his own. That is a ringing endorsement!

Things I Like About YAWP! Bars

1. They’re super crisp and delicious.
The bars are dehydrated for 8 hours, so they have the same texture as old school granola bars — crunchy! — without the problematic grains. YAWP! Bars are mildly sweet and make a fantastic afternoon snack with a cup of tea. I’ve also been known to eat half a bar before my workout, just to get the ol’ metabolism humming, and on our recent vacationing adventures, YAWP! Bars were the perfect antidote to the snack attack of being stuck in the airport.

2. They have a beautiful ingredients list.
All YAWP! Bars are made with organic ingredients: almonds, deget noor dates from California, peptitas, sunflower seeds, black sesame seeds, cinnamon, and Himalayan salt. The Café Mocha flavor also includes organic coffee, cocoa powder, and vanilla bean.

3. They’re available in awesome flavors.
I’m partial to the Naked version — mostly because the word naked is fun but also because the taste is clean and satisfying. Dave is a fan of the Café Mocha flavor because… chocolate.

4. The Nutrition Facts make me happy.
One bar is 198 calories comprised of 15 grams of fat, 7 grams of protein, and only 12 grams of carbohydrates (which makes them roughly 65% fat, 14% protein, 24% carbohydrates) — really pretty good for a snack bar. Compare that to the wallop of 30 grams of carbs in a Larabar (two-thirds of which is sugar).

5. It’s easy to stock up.
I’ve been getting us the Variety Pack — but you can also go all-in with a Year of YAWP! for a really reasonable price. You can also find YAWP! Bars in retail stores, including some Whole Foods; here’s the list of retailers.

6. The name is from a literary source…
… which just makes my heart sing. “I too am not a bit tamed. I too am untranslateable. I sound my barbaric YAWP! over the roofs of the world. — Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass



Win a Case of YAWP Bars!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. We have a winner! Thanks for playing along!

One (1) lucky random winner will win a case of 12 YAWP! Bars in a variety of flavors. YUMMY!

How to enter: Like YAWP! Bars on Facebook then come back here and post to comments that you did it! (If you don’t use Facebook, just leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing.)

Deadline: The deadline to enter is 12:01 a.m. CST on Thursday, January 23 , 2014. I’ll choose a random winner from the comments on this blog post and announce the winner on January 24.

Why wait for fate?! Buy yourself some YAWP! Bars now.


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