Guest Post at Thrive – Plus Giveaway


I’m not quite sure how I ended up lucky enough to have Jen Sinkler in my life, but I’m very grateful that I do. She’s one of those people that’s made of sunshine. She brightens up every conversation with optimism and smarts — but she’s no pushover. Intelligent, funny, strong, and athletic, she’s a role model without bashing everyone over the head with how awesome she is. She’s just herself, and she is awesome. In addition to sharing her brilliant writing on her web site Thrive with Jen Sinkler, she’s also a contributor to Shape, Women’s Health, Experience Life, and my favorite: Men’s Health, where she schools dudes with her kick-your-ass-in-the-best-way-possible attitude.

I have Jen to thank for connecting me with Experience Life magazine and for modeling the exercises in Living Paleo For Dummies. And today, I have another good reason to be grateful to her. I have the great good fortune of sharing a guest post on Jen’s blog and she’s hosting a big giveaway of the things you need to start 2014 as well fed as possible.

Pop on over to Thrive to read my guest post and enter the giveaway — and be sure to sign up for Jen’s newsletter and read some of her insightful blog posts, like “Strong Isn’t Really the New Sexy/Skinny” and “Lion’s Breath and Letting Go.”


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