Giveaway: A Jewelry Gift For You


Yes, it’s the season of giving. Which means we’re not supposed to be thinking of gifts for ourselves — but I can think of gifts for you! And thanks to the generosity of Elizabeth of Elizabeth Plumb Jewelry, I’m giving away a $100 Gift Certificate for her beautiful baubles and beads

Elizabeth is a jewelry designer for the Sundance Catalog, and her work is both organic and modern. I love the singular details: a small but significant accent of color, the contrast between metals and stone and leather, unexpected shapes. Plus there’s the added bonus that each piece is handcrafted and unique — a celebration of the fact that we’re all special, special snowflakes.

Get to know a little bit about Elizabeth with this Q&A and explore her site, maybe pick up a little something-something for that special person on your gift list – then enter our giveaway below.



What inspired you to start making jewelry?
I grew up in a jewelry making family.  My grandfather had a local jewelry shop and so I was always there as a child.  I was always fascinated with the back of the shop where all of the production and repairs were done.  I started working there when I was 14.  I really began making jewelry myself while living in Vietnam 10 years ago.  We traveled everywhere on a moped — I was on the back! I was so terrified by the traffic that I bought some beads and things to work on to keep my eyes and mind occupied.  When we moved back here, I had accumulated so much jewelry that I decided to head down to the local farmers market to “pedal my wares.”  The rest is history.

What’s your average day like? Tell us about how you work.
I have a 6-year-old and two 2-year-olds, so there is no such thing as an average day.  I typically try to be in the studio for 2 or 3 hours throughout the day. When the kids go to bed is when I really get down to business.  I’m usually back in my studio from about 8:00 p.m.  until 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. I am a night owl and have to force myself to go to stop and get some sleep.  I have no rhyme or reason as to how I work.  I think I fit into the “spacy artist” profile.  The only semblance of organization that I can claim is that I find myself focused on a particular stone for months at a time.  More often than not, the metaphysical properties of that stone correspond to my life at that time.

Are you the sporty/outdoorsy/fitness type?
I am really into the outdoors and is the main reason I call Utah “home.”  I am blessed to live at the base of the rocky mountains and am within 5 minutes of some incredible trails.  I have been a passionate trail runner for 15 years, but now my husband has got me hooked on mountain biking.  We also like to get the kids out for hikes

Do you have a nutrition/eating philosophy or plan you follow?
I’ve been a vegetarian for about 20 years.  I grew up in a “meat and potatoes” family, but when I was 15 or 16, my older sister went vegetarian, then vegan, then became a raw foodist.  She got me doing things like taking wheat grass shots and my friends thought I was weird.  But I could feel the benefits of healthy eating and have tried to make that a priority in my family’s diet.

What’s your favorite food?
A portobella mushroom sandwich!

When you’re working, do you listen to music? If yes, what?
I sometimes listen to music when I work.  My “go to” choice is our local public radio station.  I also love to listen to audio books, especially when I’m working at night.

Friend Elizabeth on Facebook, or follow her photos on Instagram  @ElizabethPlumbJewelry.


Win a $100 Elizabeth Plumb Gift Certificate

UPDATE: We have a winner! Thank you for participating.

One (1) lucky random winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Elizabeth Plumb Jewelry.

To Enter: Leave a comment on this blog post letting us know if you’ll choose a ring, earrings, bracelet, or necklace if you win.

Deadline: Deadline to enter is midnight (Central) on Tuesday, December 17. I’ll choose a winner on December 18 and announce it here.


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