Dogshaming Meets Well Fed 2

As you know, instead of a dog that loves us unconditionally and wants nothing more than to snuggle up with us and please us at every turn, we have a cat.

A CEO cat. A cat who is selfish with her love. A cat that, more often than not, looks at me with disdain. Like this:


To fill the hole in my soul left by the self-centered feline that allows us to live in her house, I devour the dog-related posts on Buzzfeed and the tales of naughty pups on like they’re made of collard greens and Sunbutter.

For the record, this is my favorite photo on DogShaming EVER:

So the story sent to me by Kylie, a blog reader, made me sad for her, but also kind of delighted for me, because I got my own DogShaming experience by proxy.

Here’s the story Kylie sent me; photographic evidence below.

I have been an avid follower of your blog for about 18 months now. While I have never been brave enough (YET!) to jump ship and go completely Paleo, I adore your recipes and honest writing and can never wait for your next blog entry.

I was so excited to find that you were writing Well Fed 2. However I am an Aussie, who has lived in the UK for 16 years, and recently moved to Dubai two months ago. So you can imagine Well Fed 2 was a little hard to get…

I pre-ordered it from Amazon UK, knowing that my husband still travels back and forth a bit and waited, and waited, and it finally arrived here in Dubai last weekend! Joy!

BUT! Not so fast! After reading from cover to cover, I left it sitting on my coffee table. A little while later, I heard my 10-month-old Black Lab Marley making a lot of noise and having loads of fun — eating my copy of Well Fed 2! Needless to say I was GUTTED!

Luckily he has only taken off the front cover and torn the index in two – so I can still use it… but my long-awaited book as a little worse for wear. Hey ho! It’ll make me chuckle every time I dig it out —  and it was never going to stay pristine for long anyway!

The book:


Marley, a pup with very good taste:


Thanks, Kylie, for sharing your story with us. It’s impossible to stay angry at a face like Marley’s — and it’s hard to blame him… he probably thought the food looked pretty good, right?


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  • LucyInDaSky says:

    I spit out my drink when I saw the “I eat bunny poop” picture 🙂

  • Amy says:

    Hey Mel,

    I have to disagree with your assessment of the expression on your kitty’s face – her half-lowered eyelids look like she’s giving you that slow blink that is a kitty’s “I love you” signal!

    She’s very beautiful, by the way! Her coat is gorgeous! (must be eating grain-free like our kitties) 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Kylie (the one with the dawg) says:

    Brilliant! This has made my day! My woofer making a star appearance on my most favourite blog. Thanks Mel ;0) xxx
    PS – Marley also likes to eat bunny poop. And badger poop. And deer poop. And he LOVES a good roll around in fox poop – that one is particularly lovely.
    Oh and he recently made mincemeat of my favourite Christian Louboutin black patent leather heels……

  • Michele says:

    After eating part of the book, it looks as though in addition to those his mom cooks for, Marley is Well Fed 2 :-)))

  • Veronica says:

    Great story! Matches mine…my doxie decided to chomp on my Well Fed book before I had a chance to look through it. Luckily, no recipes were damaged and it’s still very usable!! I’m hiding Well Fed 2 from him.