Reading *Is* Sexy

For the record, right now, I have books scattered throughout the house that I’m reading: a funny little Hungarian cookbook I got for $3 at Goodwill sits next to the tub for browsing during an epsom soak… an equally charming Bulgarian cookbook waits on the counter in the kitchen for flipping through while I take my blood pressure (“twice daily; rest calmly 5-10 minutes before using the cuff”)… a stack of paleo and fitness-related books are perched on my work desk for reviewing… and on my Kindle, for reading before bed, Jane Eyre because it’s November and I haven’t re-read it yet in 2013.

My Favorite Books of the Last 10 Years

I've heard from so many of you recently that you enjoy my book recommendations. I'm very glad! You can find hundreds of my book reviews...

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The Open Book in Wigtown, Scotland

Let's travel back in time to winter, 2016. My husband David and I were living in White River Junction, Vermont; he was studying for his...

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