Review: The Paleo Coach

I’ve been following Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo since the beginning of my paleo days, and I always enjoy guest posts from her partner-in-health, coach Jason Seib. He writes with passion and delivers tough love that we sometimes need to hear, like this post called The Secret that stresses the idea that we should train our bodies with love (see also: You Can’t Fix a Body You Hate).

Now Jason’s joined the paleo author club with his book The Paleo Coach: Expert Advice for Extraordinary Healthy, Sustainable Fat loss, and an Incredible Body.


I’m excited to read it because even though I’ve got the food part of paleo wrangled like a calf at a rodeo (Sorry! I’m trying to reconnect with Texas since today is our last day in Prague), it’s always helpful to be reminded of the rest of it: the positive attitude, the smart training, the restful rest. I like Jason’s writing style, and I like what he has to say, especially for women. Like this, which is part of a diatribe against using a bathroom scale as a tool to measure success:

Chances are good that you picked up this book because you want to change the way you look. I understand completely, but I am doing my best to convince you that the path to looking great is all about improving your health…. When aesthetics are improved, they are simply added to a long list of benefits describing a fantastic new lease on life.

I’m planning to read the book when I get home (along with a re-read of It Starts With Food as a jump-starter for our upcoming “Detox From Europe Whole30+”), but I wanted to let you know about The Paleo Coach, in case it’s new to you. The table of contents is a great representation of the theme of the book — that Jason is your COACH for this paleo lifestyle – with chapter titles like “Playing for the Right Reasons,” “The Wrong Way to Keep Score,” and “Play Smart to Win.”

Even if you’ve been eating paleo for while and consider yourself a pro, reading a new perspective can be really helpful. And if you’re new to paleo or just considering giving it a try, Jason’s approach might be a good one for you. The book includes a 21-day meal plan with recipes from Everyday Paleo (no photos, though… it’s not a cookbook), and exercise recommendations to help you get moving.

The Paleo Coach is available on Amazon and offline retailers now. You can follow Jason on Twitter, Facebook, and read his work/listen to his podcasts in the Everyday Paleo archives.


The fine print: I received a complimentary copy of this book, but all opinions are mine. If you use the links above to purchase the book through Amazon, I earn a small commission.


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  • Paleo Granny says:

    Welcome back, Mellissa! I missed your posts.

  • Vicki says:

    Just started my paleo journey- into day 8 of my first whole 30- and I’m trying to read as much as I can about the paleo lifestyle. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Sandra says:

    I just ordered the book! Really looking forward to reading it and changing my attitude. I am always so very critical of myself…I need to learn to be happy with what I have. thanks for the review 🙂

  • ARC says:

    Thanks! I’ve heard good things about this book from multiple people (maybe on the W30 forums?) Adding it to my wishlist.

  • Jerri Kindig says:

    I too have heard great things about this book. I have tried and failed in the Paleo department, and now I think after some months of looking at ways to help develop better habits I am ready for a book like this. I ended up in the neurosciences of habits, Mae Chinn Songer’s blog at, she is a life coach, but her concept is working for me. I am really seeing some awesome changes now!