The “Best Chicken” Throw Down

Dig this cover from Men’s Health:


Harumph, I say.

I’ve got The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat right here.



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  • Sheila says:

    And it is great! It’s one of our regulars.

  • Kath says:

    This chicken is the best – at least my husband and I think so. The kids prefer the grilled chicken thighs from the weekly cookup.

    Last week I had leftover “Best chicken you will ever eat” so I made chicken salad. YUM. I diced the chicken and added celery, water chestnuts, sliced almonds and a few dried cranberries. The dressing of course was your homemade mayo. It was wonderful.

    Thank you for your great blog and all of your amazing recipes. I have tried several of your recipes and have liked them all. I am eagerly awaiting Well Fed 2.

    • Jennifer G says:

      I made chicken salad with leftovers tonight also. And with the homemade mayo. I used cashews instead of almonds. The combo of the best chicken ever and the best mayo ever is amazingly good. I can’t believe how good the recipes in WellFed are. I’m such a huge fan.

  • Cindi says:

    Your chicken is definitely the best! My husband agrees, my daughter agrees and so does everyone else I’ve shared it with!! I’ve made it twice this month and love having leftovers for lunch!

  • Nani says:

    I just made this chicken last night with the Moroccan dipping sauce. Amazing! Thanks for the great recipes!

    • Michelle says:

      I adore the Moroccan dipping sauce! Great on the chicken, in chicken salad, tuna salad, or really anything. Also works great as a dressing on salad greens. Yum!

  • Jaime says:

    We make your chicken (6 breasts) at least 1x week. I can never resist eating a few bites as soon as it comes off the grill, but we mostly use it over salads for lunches. SOOOOOO GOOOOODDDD……

  • Michel says:

    I convinced my husband to try Paleo and your cookbook is what convinced him. We tried your “Best Chicken” tonight and we all licked our plates clean. I don’t have picky kids, but my 8-year old son said it was his favorite chicken now. Thanks for the great recipes!

  • Bella232 says:

    Best Chicken? Yes, please! Delightful with a fauxlicious cauli-rice. Felt like a Mo’rockin’ recipe: and I will use the dry rub for many lovely variations on this theme.

  • Tiffany says:

    Yum! I love the chicken! The spices, the sauce. Awesome!!!!

  • Rachel A says:

    Just made the “Best Chicken” & “Moroccan dipping sauce”. It is amazing!! I am looking forward to your new book.

  • Chance Bunger says:

    Made this tonight and thought it was great – maybe just a bit too “peppery” for some, so will cut that in half next time. The chicken though was really juicy and the crust it forms I really liked the consistency of it!!!!

  • Jess says:

    This has turned into a weekly staple at our humble abode!!!! LOVE IT!

  • Julie says:

    I made this the other night…my first Whole30 compliant recipe. It was AMAZING!! My 7-year old couldn’t get enough. I agree…it is the BEST chicken.

  • Carol Dubs says:

    Your average grilled chicken breast doesn’t thrill me. Yes, it’s an easy, quick, paleo lunch staple. Make a salad, throw some grilled chicken on top and – yuck – I usually end up with a dry meal that leaves me thinking about . . . bread, slathered with butter. Mel’s Best Chicken is fabulous. Juicy, juicy, juicy with flavor.

  • Lisa says:

    I accidentally brined the chicken for 13 hours. I fell asleep!!!

    Is it still safe to cook do you think?

  • Lisa says:

    Thank you!! Turned out Delish as always.. Only next time I accidentally brine it for more than 2 hrs I’ll put less (or no) salt in the dipping sauce!

    This is a weekend staple for me/ I make a batch and use it all week- can’t thank you enough!

  • Sophie says:

    Hi Mel, we LOVE both of your cookbooks!! In fact, they have inspired my 10 yr old daughter to give Paleo a go! I have a question about “The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat”- we only eat kosher chicken, which is salted already (they salt all kosher meat and chicken to draw out the blood). I was wondering if I would still use your brine recipe if I’m using kosher chicken or just skip straight to the spice blend. Thanks!

  • Jill says:

    The best chicken really is the best chicken. But last night I did this with pork chops and OHMYGODICANTBELIEVEIT, this was truly so insanely good my husband said I could make it every day. This is NOT a guy who likes repeat meals. After eating it (with the Moroccan dipping sauce, of course) I thought, okay, I can die now. I’m getting more pork chops today. If I don’t get hit by a bus.

    Thank you so much for these recipes.

    • Mel says:

      Love that it works with pork, too. Thanks for sharing!

      I suspect you could dunk newspaper stripes in Moroccan Dipping Sauce and it would taste good. This is an untested theory, however.

      Happy cooking to you!

  • El says:

    Your chicken is THE BEST! Succulent, juicy and so flavoursome. I made double portions last night and we still don’t have any left overs.