Reminder: 7 Day Real Food Challenge


 Quick reminder: The 7 Day Real Food Challenge starts Sunday, April 21 — that’s tomorrow! If you have no idea what I’m on about, you need to check out my previous post with all the info you need to eat delicious, nutritious, real food for one glorious week (and beyond, I hope!). This is an excellent opportunity to re-commit to good habits or to give this whole “real food thing” a test ride before jumping in with both feet FOR-E-VER [insert evil laugh].


Get Started

Not sure where to start to prepare? Here’s a mini to-do list for you:
1. Plan. Keep it simple! Review the recipes in my Recipe Index — or pull out your copy of Well Fed — and pick out 2-3 recipes that get you excited about playing in the kitchen. You might also want to check out this list of Paleo Flavor Boosters that will make even simple roasted chicken and steamed veggies taste like a gourmet meal. You could also spend the whole week eating burgers, eggs, and broccoli without getting bored if you use these Tuesday 10 ideas: stuff to put on eggs, stuff to put on burgers, stuff to put on broccoli.

2. Shop. Hit the grocery store today and stock up on solid protein, fresh fruits and veggies, and some luscious fats to make the recipes, plus bonus veggies — you can never eat too many veggies. You might want to review my previous post on Stocking Up the kitchen and how to Taste the Rainbow.

3. Research. Review the ideas in The Method Behind My Madness and How to Steam-Sauté Veggies for inspiration that will ensure you don’t spend too much time in the kitchen while you’re taking care of yourself.

4. Relax! Eating real food is easy once you get the right stuff into your cabinets and refrigerator. And I’ll be right here if you have questions — plus that whole list of bloggers above can be a source of inspiration, ideas, and motivation. You can do it!

NOTE: If you’re ready to commit, don’t forget to sign up to join the challenge! Go here to get all the details about prizes for participants and the link to sign up.


Blogger Support

You won’t be going at it alone. Here’s the list of healthy bloggers that joined our host Roxanne, a.k.a., Holistic Mama to make this happen:

Todd Dosenberry from Primal Toad
Amanda from Natural Living Mama
Erin Odom from The Humbled Homemaker
Janey McKeever from Consistantly Sporadic
Jaime Reid from Jaime Reid’s Kitchen
Anne Simpson from Authentic Simplicity
Laura Broach from Mama Making Changes
Mike Lamitola from
Alix from Blessed in Homemaking
Stacy Karen from A Delightful Home
Nina Nelson from Shalom Mama
Kimball Young from Heavy on Wholesome
Laura Prevost from Head Over Heels in Health
Victoria Moore from Yogi Mami
Carol Lovett from Ditch the Wheat
Katie Stanley from Nourishing Simplicity
Jami Leigh from Young Wifes Guide
Andrea from Homemade for Elle
Sarah Warren from Unorthadox Momma
Amanda Anderson from Chef Amanda
Sara Roylance from Sara
Sara Shay from Your Thriving family
Jennifer from Hybrid Rasta Mama
Marillyn Beard from Just Making Noise
Nichi from My Healthy Beginning
Michelle Elnycky from The Crooked House Blog

Make it official! Go here to get all the details & sign up.


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