Friendly Reminder: Primal Life Kit


UPDATE April 10, 2013: This special sale is now over, but you can still buy the individual products. Be sure to check out the excellent ebooks, meal plans, magazines, and paleo products  — full details on each of them are available here.


I don’t want to get all info-mercial-y on you (yes, info-mercial-y is a real word. What?!), but if I didn’t have my Well Fed ebook in this bundle — and, therefore, get a free copy of this bundle — I would definitely be buying this bundle. And since the sale ends tomorrow night, I wanted to remind you it’s going on. (If you read a lot of paleo blogs, you might feel bombarded with messages about The Primal Life Kit this week. Thank you for your patience! We really are just trying to help you take good care of yourself.)

Here are the key points you should know:

1. Money saving! The sale ends TONIGHT at midnight, so don’t wait, hesitate, procrastinate, or mitigate. The package costs $39, and the retail of all the goodies is $485. That is quite a deal!

2. Magazines! It includes subscriptions to both Paleo Magazine and Performance Menu, both of which are excellent reads and on their own would cost $99. I’ve wanted a subscription to Performance Menu for ages because it includes coach-level info about training, and this package includes all the back issues!


3. Meal plans! I get so many requests for meal plans, and honestly, I haven’t put one together because it seems really hard. Luckily, both Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple and The Primal Blueprint and Nell Stephenson (author of Paleoista: Gain Energy, Get Lean and Feel Fabulous with the Diet You Were Born to Eat) have included their meal plans in this package. Mark’s is for a month, and Nell’s is six weeks, so you’ll be in good shape.

4. Move! There are two training programs: one from Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo and — my favorite! — The Obstacle Course Race Training Program. I like to pretend I will one day chase bad guys. (Can you imagine how freakin’ terrified I would be if I had to actually chase bad guys?!)

5. More! Seriously, these four points are just scratching the surface. For more details, visit my other post that lists every item included in the kit. Or just go ahead and buy it now.


How It Works

1. This sale runs for one week: from Tuesday, April 2 through 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, April 9. After you purchase the kit, you’ll be sent an email with a link to all of the downloadable products, as well as the coupon codes for all of the discounted products.

2. I make a commission when you buy, so The Primal Life Kit not only helps you, it helps me, too. (Thanks in advance!)

3. When you click the buy link below, you’ll be taken to a page to pay with PayPal. The cost is $39.

4. Because it’s a special, one-week sale, there will be no refunds. All of the goods and discounts you’re buying are web-based; these products are downloadable ebooks, online magazine subscriptions, and discount codes — you won’t be shipped any physical goods with your purchase of The Primal Life Kit. Please contact with any questions about the Primal Life Kit.


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  • Linda Sand says:

    I bought the kit. Please tell me I don’t have to do all those downloads by the 9th, though. If I do, can I come over and use your connection? I’m in an RV park in Austin right now using my phone for a connection. Ugh!

  • Teresa says:

    Best $39 I’ve ever spent! And trust me, I’ve spent WAY more than $39 on far less worthy products…yeah. That’s a little depressing when I really think about it.

  • Emma says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I got it – I already have Well Fed from an older blogger bundle with Modern Alternative Mama and others, but the rest of it was worth it!

  • Lisa says:

    Just ordered the kit, mainly because I LOVE your book & wanted it on my iPad. Every one of your recipes has been a hit! I was glad to see from a previous comment that we have a year to download items. It will be fun to check everything out. Thank you to all who made this great resource available.

    P.S. I usually get the Kindle version of e-books because they seem easier to navigate; I’d love it if someone can comment on how the two formats compare. Thanks!

    • Mel says:

      YAY! Thanks for all the support!

      The Kindle version of our book has tons of links, so you can jump from Table of Contents to individual recipes and from one recipe to another which is nice for the “Tastes Great With” section. On the Kindle Fire, it looks nice because it’s in color and the photos are included.

      On the standard Kindle, it’s in black and white, so the photos aren’t quite as pretty 😉

      The PDF version is a straight-up PDF — no linking — so you just scroll through it page by page. But it looks GREAT because it’s exactly the same as the book.

  • Sarah says:

    Love it, love it, love it! AND plenty of time to down load….thanks.