Gobblin’ Up Ground Turkey


I got an email from a reader asking why Well Fed doesn’t include any recipes for ground turkey. I hadn’t really thought about it until she asked, and then I realized I wasn’t cooking with ground turkey any more because I hadn’t found a good supplier. Sure, my regular ol’ grocery store (hola, HEB!) has Honeysuckle White and other national brands, but ew. That makes me nervous.

The other day, on a mining expedition in the back of my freezer, I found a package of ground turkey from Tendergrass Farms. They call it Beyond Organic Ground Turkey, and you guys, it is AWESOMELY GOOD. It reminded me just how tasty ground turkey can be because it’s in a lovely netherworld of not-quite-beef but so-much-more-flavorful-than-chicken. It was lean (but not dry), tender, juicy, and really flavorful. I tossed it in a Hot Plate with some spaghetti squash and ghee, then ate it like this: sssll#)$%(#$(*$%uuurrrlp. (That’s how I spell “eating like an animal.)

I’m about to place an order for a big delivery and thought y’all might want to know about my revelation. (I’m not on the Tendergrass Farms payroll or anything: I just think they’re good people and their meat is world-class. [Read my review of the company.])

Gobble, gobble.


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  • Maria says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of roasted turkey unless it’s covered in an obscene amount of gravy; but ground turkey is actually a favorite of mine. It would probably be pretty adaptable to being on top of a cauliflower biscuit with gravy on it.

  • Kristen says:

    I’ve never really liked ground turkey. I prefer ground pork. I guess turkey to me gets dried out fast and is a little bland. I’m headed over now to check out Tendergrass 🙂

  • Ruth says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan either – but it’s not bad cooked up with some tomato paste and coconut milk.

  • Casey says:

    The Zone has a good turkey chili recipe that can be paleo-ized by leaving out the beans and switching out the fat to something better for cooking with heat…

  • Alicia says:

    I have to agree with you on Tendergrass Farms, there meat is absolutely delicious! I placed an order when you let us know about the free pork belly a few weeks ago (thank you) and everything I have tried so far has been awesome. Highly recommend.

  • Alicia says:


  • De23 says:

    My fav ground turkey recipe – breakfast sausage scramble (I don’t usually bother making it into patties, but you can):
    1 lb gr turkey or chicken
    1 largish granny smith apple, peeled and diced or shredded
    2 tsp poultry seasoning
    1 tsp (or less) salt
    1/4 tsp pepper
    Fry it all up in a pan; or mix in a bowl, form into patties, and fry.

    Credit: Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook, 2009.

  • Mary says:

    Do you know if Tendergrass products are certified organic? I don’t see it any certifications on their website.
    The poultry is labeled as “beyond organic” and I am interested in what that means. Thanks!

  • Suzy says:

    The Hartwig’s ground pork or turkey with apples recipe is so delicious and comforting. It just tastes like a hug! I get Trader Joe’s ground kosher turkey, as I feel better about it than Honeysuckle White.

  • I also like the Chinese 5 spice turkey recipe in Practical Paleo. Slurp indeed!

  • Grayce says:

    I have never used a blog so i don’t even know who will end up getting this!!
    I want to make the chocolate chili but am allergic to tomatoes….can i leave them and the paste out altogether or replace with something else?
    having said that.. have you known a paleo diet to eliminate food allergies after a while?
    now…. do i just check back here for a response? … anyone??…LOL!!

  • Ground turkey isn’t bad, I try to eat mostly vegan though. I will have to look for this brand.

  • Grayce says:

    oops.. you guys are all talking turkey… and here I am with the chocolate chili question…..

  • Grayce says:

    Thanks Mel…..I will let you know, once i get my kitchen up and running!!

    • Annette Halderman says:

      Try Rachel Ray’s recipe for Buffalo Chicken Chili and sub ground turkey. I had it this week and forgot how good it is (with guac on top of course!!)

  • Shsnnon Miller says:

    Speaking of Chocolate Chili, I make it with ground turkey and chicken broth due to a beef allergy in our family. It’s delish!