Monday Morning: Holiday Cheer

It’s a brisk 40-ish degrees in Austin, so I’m overflowing with holiday cheer — and it took me forever to decide what to wear this morning: so many favorite sweaters, so few chilly days on which to wear them. (I might even have a wardrobe change later, just for fun.)

While I’d like nothing more than to sip tea and wrap Christmas presents, I have a busy day of grocery shopping (for recipe testing!) and writing blog posts (a celebration of the 1-year anniversary of Well Fed and a kickass holiday-themed Tuesday 10!) ahead of me. plus weights at the gym this afternoon.

But it’s Monday, and you deserve some good stuff to kick off your week. Happily, some of my favorite people in the bloggy world published great posts today. You might want to check these out!

First, let’s take an aerial peek at the Christmas Market in Prague, shall we?

Whole9’s Holiday Simplicity Guide
Excellent advice to help you enjoy your holidays, instead of riding the stress wave through them. “…this year, instead of getting caught up in all of the ‘stuff,’ we’d like you to give yourself permission to leave your hair down, kick off those heels, make a veggie platter shaped like, well…a plate full of veggies, and just enjoy the true experiences that only this season can bring.”

Haute Life: 5 Tips For Avoiding the Dreaded Holiday Muffin Top
I almost passed out when I read the words “no dessert,” but Summer brought it home with this: “All that being said, make sure you do have 1 great indulgent meal where you throw caution to the wind and inhale that giant steak with garlic butter mashed potatoes and chase it with a bottle of the finest Cabernet.  You can’t completely deprive yourself or you will end up like Jack Nicholson in the Shining.  Enjoy it and move on.

Chestnut Butter
Sunbutter and almond butter are so Christmas 2011.

Mental Floss: More Than You Ever Needed to Know About Mistletoe
Like this: “The ancient Druids believed oak trees to be sacred, and accepted any mistletoe that grew on oaks as gifts from the heavens.”

And now for something completely different…

Tears for Her
Stephanie at Radical Hateloss is one of the bravest people I know because she allows herself to feel so deeply and makes herself so vulnerable. She always share wonderful advice on body image, but in this video post, she lets us into her life in a way that’s moving and inspiring. Warning: it’s very emotional, but it ends on an upbeat note that’s appropriate to the holiday season — it delivers an essential message about body image and loving ourselves while we’re on our path to improvement.


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  • Cami Sebern says:

    Melissa, if you were here in Estes Park you could wear two of your fave sweaters. We are at a lovely 8 degrees with gusty wind this fine December morning.


  • Holly says:

    I’m allowing myself a dessert every day until new year’s. It’s awesome and has waaaaaaaaaaaaaay lowered my holiday stress 🙂 I may keep this habit next year!

  • Geeta Arts says:

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  • Deanna Fernandez says:

    Are you teaching Paelo Staples in Houston anytime soon? I am expecting to receive Well Fed by UPS delivery this afternoon, can’t wait!

    • Mel says:

      YAY for Well Fed — hope you have lots of fun with it in the kitchen!

      Right now, I’m minimizing my speaking gigs so I can focus on developing recipes for Well Fed 2. When it comes out in October 2013, we’re planning to make a grand tour, and Houston will definitely be a stop.

  • Casey says:

    I LOVE that you had a hard time deciding what to wear because you were so excited about all of your sweaters! Everyone should feel that way when they visit their closet!