Giveaway: You Can Be a Cool-Cat

Weather in Austin is fickle. I have photos of myself making Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas cookies in a tank top — in contrast, there have been a handful of ice storms in recent memory that brought the city to a frozen halt for several days. Right now, we’re enjoying some perfect weather for outdoor activity: brisk  in the a.m., then sunny and 70s during the day.

“Why the weather report, Mel?” you may be asking. “You’re not the only one with access to Wunderground, you know.”

Here’s why: It’s almost impossible to dress oneself properly for the weather here; it’s too unpredictable. And that’s where the Cool-Cat comes in. This little gem is the answer to the active fashionista’s weather dilemma:

Made from polyester microfiber, the Cool-Cat is essentially a soft tube that can be worn all kinds of ways to keep you warm, keep you cool, and keep that annoying little wisp of hair that escaped from your ponytail from tickling your neck while you run. The Cool-Cat wicks away sweat, weighs only 1 ounce (!), and comes in adorbs, bright colors.

I gave an orange one a test run, and it worked great. It started around my neck — on chilly mornings, the back of my neck gets cold, and I HATE THAT. But I can’t bear to wear a heavy scarf around my neck, knowing that 5 minutes after I start running, I will (a) be too hot and (b) then have to carry the once-loved, now-offensive scarf for 4 miles around the lake.

The Cool-Cat solved that problem because as soon as my neck was warm, my “scarf” became a “scrunchie.”

I should also mention that I have an enormous head. And I need to wear my hair pulled back when I’m working in the kitchen. These two issues conspire against me because standard-size hairbands are a no-go — they always give me a headache because they’re too tight. But the Cool-Cat is the ideal size for use as a hairband, holding my hair out of my face without squeezing my brains.

And there are plenty more ways to wear the adjustable Cool-Cat:
as a headcover
as a wristband
over your mouth and nose (on ‘bad air’ days)
like a scarf
like a headband
like a scrunchie

Sounds good, right? I bet you want one. Keep reading…

Cool-Cat Giveaway

UPDATE: We have our winners and they’ve been notified by email. Thanks for playing along!

Thanks to the generous folks at Cool-Cat, we’re giving a Cool-Cat to three lucky, random winners.

The Prize: one Cool-Cat in your choice of color: white, yellow, grey, orange, or blue

To Enter:

1. Like Cool-Cat on Facebook.

2. Like me on Facebook.

Post to comments to let me know you Liked us on Facebook and tell me what color Cool-Cat you want. (If you’re not on Facebook, you’re off the hook! Just post your preferred color to enter.)

Deadline to Enter: 11:59 p.m. Central, Wednesday, November 21, 2012; winner will be announced on Friday, November 23.

Why gamble on a random drawing?! Head on over to Cool-Cat and buy yourself a little present right now! It’s the perfect accessory for your holiday season workouts!

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