Well Fed Bracelets

I was blown away by the awesome response to our giveaway of Adeline Mae Design’s bracelets last week. I’m so glad that you liked the bracelets because… we’ve got Well Fed bracelets to sell!

But it’s kind of a Good News/Bad News/Good News situation:

The Good News: We have Well Fed bracelets.

The Bad News: We only have 18 of them. They were custom made for us by Michelle at Adeline Mae Designs, and we weren’t sure how many to commission on our first run, so we went the conservative route.

The Good News: We are ordering more (right now!) so we’ll have them in time for the holidays, and we’ve come up with a way to sell these 18 that we think will make it fair.

If you want to buy a Well Fed bracelet…

UPDATE 10/31/12: I randomly selected 18 people, and they’ve been notified by email. Thank you SO MUCH for all the enthusiasm. We’ve order a LOT more bracelets, and we’ll have them to sell by early December. YAY!

Here’s how it’s going to work since we’ve only got 18 of these babies on hand right now:

1. Post to comments and let me know you want to buy a bracelet. Deadline to say you want one is Tuesday, October 30.

2. We’ll randomly select 18 people from all the comments, and I’ll send you the details on how you can make the purchase. Spoiler: Paypal will be involved.

3. We’ll place a larger order with Adeline Mae for next time and by the end of the year, everyone will be wearing Well Fed bracelets. YAY!

Bracelet Details

  • Every bracelet is handmade by Michelle, so it’s got love and an awesome spirit woven right into it.
  • All bracelets are adjustable and should fit most wrists.
  • The Well Fed charm is cast in white bronze from a custom design that’s based on the cover of Well Fed.
  • Cost: $29.95 with free shipping inside the U.S. (International folks: I’ll quote you shipping overseas via email if you’re one of our 18 buyers.)


Don’t forget! You can buy beautiful bracelets with loving reminders to be strong and fearless on the Adeline Mae Designs site β€” or treat yourself to your own custom design. Be sure to let Michelle know I sent you!

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