Barbells At The New Craptastic

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In my quest for lean superhero-ness, I’m following the Wendler 5/3/1 strength training program. Twice a week, Dave and I are hitting the craptastic gym (old craptastic | new craptastic) in our Converse to lift heavy and crank through a cashout.

Hooray! It’s Open! We’re back!

It was a South Austin Miracle yesterday morning: the new craptastic — now with well-lit bathrooms and air conditioning! — was open for barbell business. All the familiar touchstones were there: rusty barbells and plates, random arrangement of equipment, and terrible music. (Really?! The theme from Twin Peaks. Really?!)

Aaah… it’s good to be home.

(My ego requires me to inform you that this bar, bearing 55#, was for my warmup, not my workout.)

5:00 elliptical
3 rounds:
10 PVC good mornings
10 PVC back squats
10 PVC behind-the-neck press
10 rotations
shoulder & hip mobility


5 @ 65% of max = 110#
5 @ 75% of max = 135#
max reps @ 85% of max = 145# – I did 9.

Overhead Press:
5 @ 65% of max = 60#
5 @ 75% of max = 65#
max reps @ 85% of max = 70# – I did 5.


Based on some reading I’ve done on weight training for women, I’m trying some higher-rep stuff during my “cashout.”

3 rounds:
11 overhead squats, 30#
11 deadlifts, 95#: Romanian DL/snatch grip/2-count DL
11 overhead press, 50# (too heavy), 40# (too light), 45# (just right)

Note to self:
I need to find a place in the new gym to do handstands.

How was your workout today?

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  • Aimee Frederick says:

    Hooray for handstands. 🙂 Been practicing mine too!!

  • Kelly R says:

    Rusty barbells = badass

    It is more thrilling to have proof of your hard work (orange hands) than clean barbells!

  • Tom R. says:

    Well, wonders never cease. Nice work!

    • Mel says:

      And I am TOTALLY feeling it today. My legs and shoulders are, like, “WHAT WERE YOU DOING?!” I went on an easy jog/walk today to loosen things up. Tomorrow is gentle yoga and kundalini — before I hit the barbells again on Friday.

      How’s life with the cast?!

  • Tom R. says:

    Active recovery. Solid.

    There are many things worse in this life than having a cast on my ENTIRE arm (hand to shoulder) for 6-8 weeks. So far, I’m keeping my sense of humor. Workouts are boring though. Squat. One-armed kb work. Drag tire. Run some. Repeat.

    • Mel says:

      I figured you were weathering this little challenge just fine. Good on you! Sorry our workouts are boring. If it’s any consolation, my food this month is TOTALLY boring. I actually told Dave the other day that I didn’t even want to eat because my taste buds are too bored. Life without spices is way less fun than with. Again, not the worst problem ever, but still… [pouting]