So Chic… Shoptiques is a sweet little shopping site that serves up cool stuff — clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories — from boutiques in NY, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Miami. In addition to browsing the lust-worthy fashions, you can get lost in exploring the mini-bios of boutiques or explore fashions by neighborhood. Shoptiques was founded with the “rebellious objective to provide unique boutique clothing online, so no one has to ever look like anyone else.” To that I say, right on.

I also love the story of how Shoptiques came to be. It’s a tale about finding the perfect shoe in Paris, and I can totally relate, because I wax rhapsodic when I talk about a certain pair of black boots I once found in Paris; read my story of black leather love and heartbreak right here.

And here’s the Shoptiques story of shoe lust:

Walking down the streets of Paris, you can’t help but be fascinated by the fashion, architecture, style and… boutiques! That was perhaps my first exposure to a tiny boutique with the friendliest, most stylish owner. It was years ago, but I remember stumbling upon it as if it was yesterday—and once the owner pointed out a pair of shoes by Phoebe Cham Pour Schu, I knew I couldn’t leave empty-handed! Sitting in their beautiful box with a handcrafted bow, they became the perfect memory to take from Paris.

Today, my fashionista dreams come true because I’m in the Blogger Spotlight on the Shoptiques blog The Edit. (And if anyone wants to buy me these boots, there would be no complaints on  my end.)

Jet set on over and read my Q&A.

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