Peoples RX Radio

One of the advantages of living in a groovy town like Austin is that we have alternatives to mainstream healthcare with rebels like Dr. Sebring and Peoples Pharmacy. PeoplesRX is a compounding pharmacy, which means they prepare customized medications that are free of dyes, preservatives, sugar, alcohol, and gluten. They’re also a hub for indie books (like Well Fed) about nutrition, hormones, and more — plus they have a cute little snack bar that serves local, organic food.

In addition to what they offer in retail, PeoplesRX also serves up radio programs that cover hot topics in health news and local guests, like Dr. Sebring and… me!

Hit the links below to listen to me blah blah blah about Well Fed and adventures in paleo. The full shows are an interesting listen, and it’s great to hear Dr. Sebring share his POV. But if you’re in a hurry, I’ve provided the time codes so you can skip to my interviews.

Good News Health Show 2012
My interview starts at 36:00 and wraps up about 53:30.

Healthy Choices on 590 KLBJ AM
My interview starts at 16:00 and wraps up about 26:00.

If you want to find a compounding pharmacy near you, here are some links that might be helpful:
eCompounding Pharmacy

Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA)
Look for the “Find A Compounder” button near the top of the page

PCCA Canada
Look for the “Find A Compounder” button near the bottom of the page

International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists

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  • Linda Sand says:

    I don’t expect to need any medicine while I’m in Austin later this month but I may well hit one of those for lunch. Thanks for the link.

  • Hello from Northern British Columbia Canada. I heard the interview and this is how I found you. I capture the 1 hour show with Replay Radio and listen to it in iTunes. Love the show. 3 weeks ago I put myself on the Paleo diet to get rid of a 8 year old serious skin inflammation. It is starting to help and the bonus is the loss of 5 lbs. I have more energy. Just hope I can stick with it. Glad to have found you. Sandra

    • Mel says:

      Wow! It’s awesome that paleo has turned your situation around so quickly… right on! That’s awesome. I’m glad you found me, too! Welcome!