Paleo on the News… With Me!

A few days ago, I shared photos and stories from when the local Fox affiliate came to our house to talk dino-chow. Now we’ve got bootleg video of the piece that aired last week. Enjoy!

What I’d Like to Say to Deirdre Earls

I didn’t get to respond to Deirdre Earls’ comments in real time, but if I had the opportunity, this is what I’d like to say to the points she made in her interview. With all due respect, of course. I would even try not to raise my voice.

1. Grains are staples.
This is a common question about and argument against paleo: “But millions of people around the world eat lots of grains an beans, and have for centuries.” Ms. Earls even went so far to say those people eating beans and rice in third world countries are “lean.” I would argue that they’re not “lean,” they’re malnourished. This is my response to the argument: Yes, a person can live on grains, but they cannot thrive.

2. Atkins vs. Paleo
There are some significant differences between Atkins and Paleo, but the ones that I find most compelling are these:

— Atkins is very low carb and doesn’t put much of an emphasis on vegetables. The Paleo framework, in general, and Whole30 guidelines, in particular, do place an emphasis on consuming large quantities of vegetables to help keep the body in Ph balance and to ensure plenty of vitamins and minerals.

— Atkins allows for processed foods, including Atkins-branded bars. Paleo is all about real food.

— Atkins is pretty high fat. The Paleo framework doesn’t define macronutrient ratios and encourages finding the right balance for our bodies, and that allows for higher carb, lower carb, higher fat, lower fat, and everything in between.

— I’m not sure how much lifestyle plays into Atkins, but in my experience, Paleo proponents also encourage looking at other aspects of our lives that affect health, longevity, and quality of life: sleep (quantity and quality), stress management, physical activity, and playtime/socialization.

3. Quick weight loss?!
I have never, ever, in all of my experience in three years of eating paleo, attending seminars, reading blogs, and talking about this subject endlessly with trainers, coaches, nutritionists, and doctors heard anyone say this is a quick weight loss plan. Ever. In fact, most of what I’ve heard is the opposite: this is a lifestyle change that can sustain you throughout your life. You might lose weight, and there are habits you can adopt to help that process along, but eating Paleo is about more than weight loss: it’s about optimal health and quality of life. If it happens, weight loss is the side effect of healing and supporting the body with proper nutrition.

4. Amount of meat
I turn into the incredible Hulk when I hear people say that Paleo is a high-protein diet. Seriously. (Hulk, smash!)

Paleo can be high protein, sure, but the framework does not say, “EAT MORE MEAT!!!” The framework says “eat enough animal protein to support your activity level, given your age, health, and other environmental factors.” I’ve spent a lot of time in the last 20 years on both Weight Watchers and the Zone — and paying attention to the guidelines you can find online about how much protein to eat to support muscle development. All of them gave me the roughly same recommendation: about 4-5 ounces cooked protein per meal. If I follow the “eyeball” guidelines recommended by paleo practitioners, it comes out to about 4-5 ounces cooked protein. That is not “too much meat”  or “high protein” or “Paleo diet eat meat eat meat eat meat;” that’s adequate protein for my size, age, activity level, and environment.

5. The whole “Atkins had a heart attack” thing
Yes, Dr. Atkins died of a heart attack, but reports say it was due to a chronic infection, not his diet. I feel like Ms. Earls’ reference to this was a bit disingenuous, and I find those kind of scare tactics distasteful.

Atkins’ personal physician and cardiologist, Dr. Patrick Fratellone, confirmed this assertion, saying “We have been treating this condition, cardiomyopathy, for almost two years. Clearly, [Atkins’] own nutritional protocols have left him, at the age of 71, with an extraordinarily healthy cardiovascular system.” According to reports on CNN at the time of Atkins’ convalescence, Dr. Clyde Yancy, a cardiologist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and a member of the American Heart Association’s national board of directors reported that “despite the obvious irony, I believe there is a total disconnect between [Atkins’] cardiac arrest and the health approach he popularizes.” [source]


I’m not sure why the Paleo diet seems to make Deidre Earls so angry, but, happily, I don’t need her stamp of approval to continue to eat this way. And I will continue to eat this way because I generally feel better, think more clearly, and sleep more soundly. That’s all the evidence I need that this is the way for me to take care of myself.

What do you say, good people?

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  • Taylor says:

    Oh so many things I would like to say to that lady as well.

    Rice and beans really? What about those of us out there (like me!) who get doubled over in pain because of eating beans? Before I started eating paleo, I thought when you finished eating you were supposed to feel gross and bloated — which is so not the case at all.

    I really dislike people who are not open to new ideas.

    Great job and great interview! 🙂

    • Taylor says:

      I also completely agree with the last thing you said — how it makes me feel is enough proof to me that what I am doing is the right thing for my body.

  • Kelly says:

    I say you look great on camera! Seriously though I don’t think Ms. Earl has educated herself on what a paleo diet is. The fact that she kept referring to Atkins was not only annoying but pitiful. Also she just seemed angry. My guess is that our little Paleo movement , which is becoming more popular, is seriously rocking her world and we all know how people feel about change. As for the quick weight loss? Well I just finished whole 30 and while I dropped a size I wouldn’t call that quick. And she is ignoring the most important thing people are saying….that they feel good! Anyway, thanks for all you do. You rock!

  • Marcelle says:

    Did anyone else pick up on how she was mispronouncing Paleo?

  • Merlene says:

    Hey Girl,
    I want to SUCKER PUNCH grains in the neck for you! 🙂 I love your blog and I totaly agree with your statements. I am Paleo and XFit since a little while and havent lost 1 single pound! I sure gained muscles and my body transformed a lot, but I am not on a fast weight loss plan. ABSOLUTELY NOT! But I feel GREAT! Honestly, I feel awesome. I stopped smoking, drinking (a little glas of wine here and there wont kill me) and I am eating super clean. Thanks to you and so many other ppl out there, who share theire recipes and thoughts. Thank you! And most of all, my sister in law – Kelly! She introduced me to PALEO and hangs in there with me from day 1 on… If you ever down in FL – lets get together and work out or cook. Keep on rocking, lady! 🙂 You are AWESOME!

    (Sorry for my english – I am German)

  • Heather says:

    I am so happy that they featured you in this story, but I feel like I just can’t watch this stuff anymore. It makes me so angry to see people like Deidre Earls spreading her misinformation! And how can she use Atkins as an argument at all?! This isn’t the Atkins diet!!!! And, ‘grains are a staple for people all over the world’ is not an argument either. Coke is a staple for people all over America, that doesn’t mean we should be drinking it. EVER! grrrrrr…….

  • FitnessKelly says:

    I hope Deirdre reads this: My husband went off the Paleo wagon this weekend to eat Chipotle (fast food burrito chain for those who don’t know) – the rice and beans gave him tremendously disgusting gas that he otherwise doesn’t have. He also ended up badly injured in the gym within days after eating that crap – possibly a coincidence on the injury, but the gas is totally related. If I eat that stuff, I’m running to the restroom in urgency. Our bodies don’t NEED that stuff!

  • Erica says:

    I have a very different perspective from Deirdre regarding the relationship between paleo and low-carb. I’m a lifestyle low-carber; I feel better and stay leaner eating high fat and keeping my carbs dialed in. Before I discovered paleo, I was not eating particularly healthy: a lot more processed foods, peanut butter, artificial sweeteners, storebought mayo, etc. Paleo eating provided a set of guidelines for optimal health that greatly enhanced the quality of my existing low-carb diet. On the other end of the spectrum, if someone is an athlete who does well on high-carb, paleo can encourage them to swap the processed cereal bars for sweet potatoes and bananas and ensure that they still get sufficient protein. My favorite thing about paleo is that it provides a macronutrient-agnostic rubric for healthy eating. That can’t be said about Weight Watchers or Zone. And whether or not someone supports a low-carb lifestyle, I think anyone can agree that paleo significantly improves it.

  • Jade says:

    If Earls didn’t repeat herself so much and could actually counter Dr Sebring’s scientific explanations of why grains are bad she might have been able to offer more than just a straw man argument.

    In South Africa margarine is still approved by the Heart Foundation for Pete’s sake! The one dietician here, Tim Noakes, who is speaking out on Paleo and its benefits has come under serious fire lately. It takes guts to stand up to The Staw Man! 🙂

  • Jaimelee says:

    1 it isn’t money driven because there are very few “paleo” products…the food pyramid with the usda is money driven

    2 secondly really? adkins died after falling on ice

    3 her talk is all based on the sad diet…look at our nation, because that diet is working

    4 research the pAlao not paaaleo diet has tons of scientific research and it is not funded by big agribusniess

    5 how did you not slap this lady?

    PS – i love your book and your cumin carrots are like crack in our house.

  • Oldman says:

    Rice and beans is not a diet nor a life style it is just an existence which leads to being malnourishment!

    Atkins is just another way to make money without thought to nutrition.

    Eating a well thoughtout plant based lifestyle is what the human body wants…needs to properly function.

  • Patti B. says:

    Melissa, such fun to see you on tv and hear your voice. You did good.

    I would have liked to have heard more from the doctor in the interview after your segment, but the interviewer appeared to want to give Ms. Earls more time to say why Paleo was bad. I feel Ms. Earls needs to open her mind to other ideas, but she was trained in a certain way and I guess new ideas are hard to accept even though Paleo is not new at all.

    Ms. Earls also needs to get her facts straight before doing an interview. Along with your 5 points, which I totally agree with, Paleo is not high protein, I watch my protein intake because too much protein can raise your blood sugar.

    Diabetes is a carbohydrate driven disease, so why should we follow the ADA’s recommendations of the diabetic diet?

    Dr. Robert Atkins did not die in his 60’s, he was 72, his heart condition was not related to his diet.

    Paleo is not pronounced Pal-E-O.

    • Patti says:

      I’ve always heard that Dr. Atkins died after slipping on ice, hitting his head and never regain consciousness. And part of the reason he came up with the Atkins diet is his own heart issues which were well under control at the time of his death.

  • Kelly R says:

    Mel, you look lovely on camera. I can’t wait to see the cover of whatever it is you were doing yesterday!

    As for Deidre – I cringed every time she said paleo. It is pale-ee-o!

    The most infuriating part of her arguement was the contstant comparison of Atkins to Paleo. Do your research. They are not the same, as Mel clearly laid out above. And of course, there is the grain arguement. But, the funny thing about the grain arguement is that everyone who supports the consumption of grains can never clearly articulate why they support it. If you ask me “because it is a staple” is not a valid reason for me to cook a pot of rice.

    I challenge Deidre to do a Whole30. I want her to come back to Fox7 and describe how she feels after re-introducing grains, legumes, processed foods and sugar.

  • First of all, you and smartsexypaleo Jude look lovely. I would listen to the two of you over the angry Earls lady any day. She needs to eat some bacon and get over it. Your rebuttals above are fabulous 🙂

  • Jeni says:

    Way to represent! You looked great and the food you were preparing looked amazing. Nice job!

  • Jen says:

    That woman was so angry and defensive. It scared me how angry she came across.

  • Alisa says:

    It is very sad that a person in her position is so closed minded that she refused to properly educate herself on this matter before going on TV to make a fool of herself. Just because the food pyramid has been crammed down our throats our whole lives doesn’t make it right. I can not count how many times a “well founded study” told us that a food or food product(s) was good for us, only to report years later they were wrong.
    I recently started eating Paleo about 5 months ago. I can honestly say I know what it is like to feel good for the first time in my life. I have always suffered from daily stomach problems and/or daily headaches. Even when I ate what I was told was “healthy food”. 35 years of doctors visits couldn’t find out what was wrong. A week into Paleo & my stomachaches & headaches disappeared. It has helped my all around well being; I am a much happier person, have more energy,and feel much more balanced in my life & mentally. I know for a fact Paleo & CrossFit are the main reason for this. Paleo did for my what doctors and medications could not. And, it’s all natural! It’s amazing what can happen when you open your mind to new things!

  • kymical says:

    long time reader, first time commenting!
    I really wish i could have seen this broadcast live. i have been paleo for about 2 months. i found her comment that paleo (yes i noticed she was saying it wrong, i think she did so on purpose) is “money driven” fad horrible. the biggest money makers are organic FARMERS. yes there are paleo specific snacks and treats but they are not required or necessary to eat this way. sourcing my food regionally and locally seems like it is actually a benefit not to the people who “concocted” paleo but to my community.
    I also agree with the dislike of calling this a “quick weight loss” thing. i think that is outrageous. in the time i have been paleo i have lost 20 pounds that i totally needed to lose, but that was just from not drinking soda anymore. which really isn’t unique to paleo. i think there is something to be said for the fact that many people are recommended by their doctors to adopt this diet for medical problems.
    as for the grains as staples thing, i think it is silly to suggest that americans are in any way whatsoever as lean as other nations that eat grains as a “staple.” how many times do i see on the news america’s obesity numbers? people in other places have lived on grains, but they are also part of different cultures with different relationships with food. many people from the asian region who come to america for work et cetera develop gastro-intestinal issues due to the diet we have here in america.
    the day eating plants and animals is bad for me is the day i turn in my omnivore card.
    also, thank you for this blog. i live in austin as well and was tired of seeing people recommending places we don’t have here for foods and such. i am pretty much paleo on a penny so it is nice to have someone local to read. Thanks!!!

  • Rachel says:

    I just can not understand how uneducated she was on several topics! She is very wrong about Asia. They have the highest rate of diabetes and arthritis. They are, for the most part, extremely malnourished. They eat rice because most of them can not afford anything else and they suffer for it.
    I started Paleo for a lifestyle change and have bettered myself because of it. I have not fallen ill, and I have noticed a great improvement in my pain levels due to a back injury. Paleo isn’t a money maker nor is it a death sentence. Earls was completely wrong without a valid argument. They should have let you talk more, but TV loves to air people who say incorrect things just to get more ratings… sigh

  • Ruth says:

    YES. I get so irritated. I wish I could carry yall along in my pocket and just let you throw down the specifics. I just get frustrated and say, well why WOULDN’T you want to do the same thing as me!

  • Nancy Morgan says:

    I came down quite a different road to get to the Paleo way of eating. I’m not young, lean, a body builder, etc. I was FINALLY diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 5 years ago. After assuming I was dying for the previous 2 years, I was thrilled to have an answer–and one that was in MY hands. By that point, I’d learned to depend on myself for my health and had discovered just how ignorant even doctors were on how the diet influences your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. My road got harder and harder as I kept reacting to more and more foods. I did find a connection between GMO and a bad reaction. It went further. I got to the point where I couldn’t tolerate any grains, among many other intolerances. I discovered Paleo because I was spending so much time on the internet trying desperately to EAT and to do it RIGHT and have it GOOD and TASTY. Discovering Paleo, not only opened a huge door for me to be able to eat and slowly feel better, but I get to say that I eat Paleo, instead of reminding myself and others everytime I speak of food that I’m “sick” or have a “disease”.

    Now, if we could just get them to stop feeding non-food to livestock…

  • Summer says:

    You did an amazing job representing!! Great job getting the book promoted too.

    There will always be haters like Deirdre who use weak arguments to support their own agendas. But even as a dietician, how can you argue against eating lots of veggies and good quality proteins and fats? It’s pure ignorance.

  • Stacey says:

    I must admit that I began the Paleo Diet to lose the last of my 22lb unwanted pounds. By the end of the Whole30, I was hooked on Paleo. Yes, I lost weight, but more than that I gained energy that I don’t remember ever having in my life, I was no longer bloated, irritable and had less PMS symptoms. I can’t give myself any good reason to go back to eating grains, sugar, etc., etc. Why would I want to go back to feeling crappy.

    The only thing I can think of why that woman was so insistent that we need rice is that she must have stock in the rice business. haha

    Also, Dr. Atkins didn’t even die of a heart attack. He has a fall which caused him to die from “blunt impact injury of head with epidural hematoma”.

  • Paula says:

    Go Dr. Lane Sebring! At least he had his facts right!

  • Karyn M. says:

    I have friends who have done strict Paleo and dropped lots of weight, but I’m not that person. I started Paleo in the 160’s and I’m still in the 160’s 3 years later. I’m stronger and leaner, but apparently, this is where my body wants to be. I’m healthy and my digestive system LOVES me.

  • AustinGirl says:

    You know, I almost don’t care what that woman had to say. I believe VERY firmly in being responsible for our own decisions. I tried primal/paleo as a self experiment, after watching a friend of mine start looking and feeling better after changing her diet. I tried it myself and know that, for me, it works. I also know it works for me, because I know how AWFUL I feel when I allow myself a deep-fried, or baked-and-frosted splurge. I don’t need an “expert” to tell me what to do. I have a good body and an excellent brain that provides real-time feedback that’s specific to MY body and MY health, not some gov’t standard of what’s “required” for Generic 32 Year Old Female X. I’m good, thanks.
    I don’t feel a need to prove my lifestyle or diet to anyone. If other people want to give this a shot, more power to them (and I’m happy to provide as much support as I can possibly give them) but if people let commentary like her’s sway them, they’re not my problem.

    • Lydia says:


      To be honest? I stopped watching halfway through. I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Ugh. Closed-minded people. I have no room for them in my life.

  • Lisa says:

    Someone call that woman and tell her that Mr. Atkins died of a HEAD INJURY. Yes he had a viral infection in his heart BUT… get it straight if you’re going to open your mouth at all. Here’s a link from USA Today of an interview with his wife.

  • Renee says:

    I’ve been eating Paleo for almost a year with my first Whole30 completed in January. I lost about 1/2 lb. during that time, and about 12 lbs. since I started. I wish I could say it was a quick weight loss plan but the fact that I’ve lost any weight at all during the steady weight gain I was experiencing after hitting menopause is a gift. The bigger gift is that my relationship with food is the healthiest it’s ever been and I’m able to do things at the gym I couldn’t for years because of chronic knee pain. What struck me about the interview was the contrast between calm, centered people and a very angry defensive woman. And her verbal description of “the amount of meat that goes into the PALeo diet” contrasted against the images of beautiful plates of real food with minimal meat (I’m talking to you hard-boiled egg, blueberry, and cucumber). Could she really look at those plates of food and make a claim that they weren’t healthy?

  • Noblepower says:

    Well, it seems like my fellow readers have pretty much said it all. I just listened (didn’t watch) the clip, and I was surprised how her voice sounded so angry. Poor woman, I feel for her. Something is not right in her world if she has so much anger spilling out of her regarding food. Maybe she needs to ditch the poisonous grains, walk down to her local Farmer’s Market and eat some real food while supporting real farmers instead of agribuisness?

  • heather says:

    Quick weight loss?!
    Yeah, maybe water at first, but look around at paleo women, most of us are fat. I said most, not all 🙂 We’re not here for quick weight loss we’re here to feel awesome, eat amazing food, conquer disease and kick butt!!! Weight loss will happen over time when you get healthy and omit processed food and sugars from your life!

  • Ann Wendel says:

    You and Jude looked great and presented the information so well! And, I love how as she was talking about SO MUCH MEAT, the camera was scanning the table full of veggies, some meat, fish, nuts….

    Her website is interesting:

    She claims to have great success with healing psoriasis with nutrition, yet she never actually says WHAT she recommends.

    Ah well, haters gonna hate 🙂


  • Anna says:

    Sadly Deirdre Earls’ ignorance mirrors that of a great part of the general public. Even more sad is that her arguments are full of holes. She claims that fast weight loss is unhealthy, but does not say why. I mean, is it? And who says it is? Also, repeatedly mentioning Atkins is irrelevant. Maybe she got the show mixed up, but it was supposed to be a discussion of the PALEO diet, not the Atkins diet. Unless she didn’t do her research and failed to understand the difference. Whether Dr. Atkins had a heart problem or not – also irrelevant. He created the diet, but do we know what he ate? And do we know the cause of his alleged heart problem? Not a brain cell went into preparing her statements for this segment, and it shows badly.

  • Heather says:

    Deidre is a dietician? I’d say she is product of our countries mega corporation brain washing on “health,” telling us to buy processed foods and depend on pills. Sad. Paleo is real food and it makes people feel well and thrive.

    And why did she pull Atkins into it? There is very little similar with that and Paleo. Like other people commented: she needed to do some research before making a fool of herself.

  • Tina says:

    Hulk, smash on that nimrod dietician! Grrrrrrr. But then, she has her job to protect so, of course, she will be rabid on this and all with that annoying smile. NO, paleo does not result in rapid weight loss! I lost weight on it but would hardly call 3 lbs a month “rapid”. We should eat rice because it is a staple?! What does that mean? The “lean” populations she mentioned who eat rice also don’t have a crapload of sugar in their diet which helps balance it out. Good job on your part representing, by the way, and the food look awesome and HEALTHY. I second all of your points and have said several times in other online locales, paleo does not necessarily mean you are eating gobs of meat! I eat about 5 servings a week and about 12 servings of veg a day if you include the freshly juiced veggies. Hope you get more opportunities to spread the word, Melissa! You are a great ambassador for Paleo!

  • Kathryn says:

    We’ve all been so brainwashed over the years regarding diet, doctors and nutritionists included. And it’s hard for folks to change the way they were taught to think.

    You really want to see folks get up in arms, tell them that dog kibble isn’t real food and that you feed your dog a prey model diet – LOL! But get ready, cause the reaction isn’t a pretty one!

  • Alice says:

    Just goes to show that regardless of your educational level, you can be severely under informed. The proof is in the success of the adherent followers. No need for anger. In fact, it makes me sad to see such closed mindedness. Not just sad for her, but her patients who will ultimately suffer due to her lack of awareness.

  • Katrina says:

    Atkins did not support a healthy low carb diet. I think if you are going to do a live debate there needs to be more time. I have lost 30 lbs in the last 3 months with this diet and even when I reach me ultimate goal this will still be the way I eat. It makes me feel better in ways I have never felt before. A prime athlete can have a heart attack; it is also considered in your genetic makeup. Maybe due to the fact that for years our ancestorys have been eating junk. I could have came through the screen and slapped some since in her online print-off degree self..ugh

  • Tonja Pizzo says:

    Earls really did seem very ANGRY over rice and beans. I do snicker when I see people get SO worked up over it. You did a great job Mel. Thanks for fighting the good fight. I did a little irritated (I will confess) that Dr. Sebring kept getting cut off and interrupted and didn’t get to say anything!

  • Kel says:

    If dietitians spent as much time addressing the issues in the SAD as they do at attack a lifestyle which calls for consuming proteins and a plate FULL of veggies, I might be willing to listen to them.

    Why do they care that I (we) don’t eat grains or legumes? Why aren’t they celebrating the good choices and good foods I (we) do eat? Go fight the REAL problem. When you have the obesity problem in the United States solved, Ms. Earls, then maybe you can enjoy 15 minutes of fame. Until then, and excuse me, but STFU and start listening to the facts.

    Boy did she piss me off.

    You were eloquent and beautiful!

  • Suset says:

    WOW!! You looked great, very well spoken and confident and the food looked amazing!! I totally agree with you but
    I gotta put in my 2 bits….
    1- Money driven/based diet??? Who is she trying to kid?? Yeah..the guy I buy my farm fresh eggs from at $3.00 a dozen is a money grubbing tycoon..
    2-Beans and rice a staple?? Yes, in 3rd world countries who have far more people and far less social services which equals far more malnourished people. I guess starving could be considered lean..
    3- Atkins may have had a heart attack in his 60’s which is early but so has my 39 year old female friend who happened to have a genetic defect. Life holds no guarantees….(didn’t Atkins die from a head injury sustained from a fall on the ice??? just sayin’)
    4-Although Deirdra appeares to be very well educated in the traditional SAD eating habit, reading the Wickepedia version of Paleo Diet does not qualify her to tell me what to eat. She has no idea how much meat’ and meat substitutes like eggs, are enough to sustain MY energy!.. and BTW the last registered dietician I saw told me that Kraft cheese slices were a ‘healthy’ serving…of “DAIRY”……nice.
    5-QUICK weight loss!!!??? WTF?? Over 1 year to lose 21 pounds….Yeah…NOT quick!!

    Essentially the Paleo way works for me, I have NEVER felt better, had more energy, slept better, been in better mental health OR been in tune with my body and how what I put into it affects me and all those things listed.
    Hater gonna Hate…. The rest of us are going to have amazing food, killer Xfit workouts and regular’Play” sessions to feel healthy and alive!
    Keep up the good work!!

  • Ms. Earl mentioned that the paleo diet was cooked up and promoted by one person. I have no idea what her point was, but I wonder who she had in mind. Before Loren Cordain, there was Ray Audette, and before him were Eaton/Shostak/Konner, and before them was Walter Voegtlin (The Stone Age Diet, 1975).


    • Patty says:

      I too kept waiting to hear who that *one* person was, and even if it were true does that negate the validity?

      Mel and Jude, you represented well!

  • Jasmin says:

    Earls is an angry woman because everything she learned (READ Conventional Wisdom) is being shot out of the water. When she says that rice and beans are staples for “billions” of “very lean people”, well, lady, they’re lean, but they’re not healthy. They are also very poor. What she says is also very patronizing. She has no data empirical or otherwise to back up her negative stance on paleo. Hell, she can’t even deign to pronounce it properly. Atkins this, Atkins that, blah, blah, blah. I can’t believe she said that about how Atkins died. She totally hogged the camera time. She just repeats the same trope. I want to introduce her to Dr. Weston Price. But it’s probably a waste of time and I would only be beating my head against the wall. No, thank you. Go Mel, go Jude, go Dr. Sebring.

  • Jess says:

    Hey Mel,

    After reading quite a bit of your journal, Ive become worried as you say to only eat 4-5 ounces of meat per meal- i have about 8-9 ounces per meal! What should i do about that? it adds up to about 120g to sometimes 190g of protein a day. is that too much? I just dont feel satisfied if i eat less meat! Thanks, Jess

    • Mel says:

      Hey, Jess! I’m not a yardstick against which to measure yourself… at all! Protein requirements are based on activity level, lean body mass, goals, and a whole host of other factors. I’m 5’4″ and weigh about 168 right now — and I’m dealing with all my hormonal stuff. That all influences how hard I train and how much I eat. If you’re concerned about how much to eat, I encourage you to talk to a pro that knows how to guide you, but don’t use my food log as a guide for YOU because it’s personalized to me.

      This article on Breaking Muscle is pretty helpful:

      And leads to this calculator:
      (Note that the calculator provides a daily protein amount in grams — which is useful — and lots of recommendations for Kashi products made from grains, which are not. 🙂

      But be sure to read the article, too! Very informative.

      • Jess says:

        Thanks heaps for your reply, Im eating about 10-20g over my protein intake.. which isnt too bad i think? My ideal is 120g, although some days its under. Thank you 🙂

  • Marile says:

    GREAT job! You have been an inspiration to me as I have embraced the paleo lifestyle. I particularly love your cookbook.

    Paleo lifestyle and “diet” information is typically available without cost on the internet. I think it’s interesting that Deirdre Earls charges so much for a consultation yet breathes not a word about how she achieves her results unless she is monetarily rewarded by purchasing her book or by consultation.

    This is directly off her website:

    Consultations take two hours and are billed at $175 per hour.

  • This Dr. Earls sounds like she has a personal problem with this diet. I agree with you Mel. Certain diets don’t work for some people find what works for you and stick with it. And when you find it share your blessing with others.

  • Monica says:

    So nice to see how poised and articulate the Paleo people were! Thank you for what you do. I’ve only been doing Paleo for 2 months, but I have never felt better. My foggy head is gone, headaches are gone and my chronic neck pain is gone. I have no motivation to eat grains or rice and beans ever again! I’m singing from the rooftops of what eating like this has done for me!
    Love you blog and can’t wait to get your recipe book!

  • Oh god, that was frustrating to watch. I bet that doctor really wanted to say more. That woman clearly wasn’t giving anything more than cursory glance. She kept saying quick weight loss isn’t health, but said nothing about the actual nutrient density of paleo v. SAD. It was cool to see a paleo thing on TV though. That’s a first for me.

  • Suzy says:

    So much anger from a dietician who doesn’t even know the basic guidelines of the diet she hates. Her ignorance is embarrassing. I wonder if she’s a vegetarian with an agenda. She would never believe that eating grass fed meat would be better for the planet than grains and beans. I wish everyone in the world could read “The Vegetarian Myth” by Lierre Keith. Wonderful book.

  • Suzy says:

    I notice also she sells a book that pretty much implies that if you follow what she says, you might see a reversal of all kinds of diseases from ADHD to thyroid disorders. That sounds really irresponsible to me.

  • Alisha says:

    How did you not reach through the TV and punch that woman in the face?