Giveaway: Paleo Power Lunch

When I worked for the corporate overlords, I packed my lunch every day. Over the course of 4+ years at my full-time gig, I think I ate out at lunch about a dozen times. I loved packing my lunch! What a great excuse to crack open a book, leave the world of email and meetings behind, and stuff my face full of dino-chow. It’s kind of embarrassing how much I enjoyed my paleo lunches. Now that I work at home, I still relish lunch — a respite in the middle of the day to fuel up on protein and veggies.

All of which is why I was honored and pleased when Stormy Sweitzer of Maoomba approached me to write the foreword for her new cookbook Paleo Power Lunch. The 26 Power Lunch recipes are fresh, bold, and inspiring — but Paleo Power Lunch is more than just a collection of recipes. Stormy includes strategies and tips so that packing your lunch every day is a joy instead of a chore.

As I said in my foreword…

With her charming, effective cookbook, Stormy Sweitzer completely redefines the phrase “power lunch.” Forget about professionals taking deals and making calls from the corner table of a swank dining room. These are real power lunches: meals packed with body-building protein, vibrant produce, luscious nuts and oils, and — most importantly — flavors that will satisfy your taste buds and make it easy to be true to your healthy habits.

More than a cookbook, Paleo Power Lunch is a how-to guide for creating easy-to-make, easy-to-transport meals that will make lunch a welcome respite in the middle of a busy work day — whether you’re in a corporate office or CEO of your household.

The basis of the Power Lunch is a salad. But forget about bowls of tired greens and grilled chicken. Stormy’s vibrant salad ideas combine elements of sweet and savory, chewy and crisp, all-American and international — along with homemade dressings of endless variations. With Stormy’s simple instructions, even cooks with limited kitchen experience will be paleo power players.

It’s available in both a print version from Amazon and an ebook. As side dishes to the main course of the cookbook, Stormy has created five bonus “Quick Guides” that cover everything from no-cook meals to fool-proof methods to make homemade stocks and soups, as well as eight how-to videos. It’s like inviting Stormy into your kitchen for hands-on instruction!

Win Paleo Power Lunch!

UPDATE: We have our winners. Thanks so much for reading and playing along, everyone!

We’re randomly picking two lucky people to win the whole shebang: the ebook, a Quick Reference Guide, the five Quick Guides, and the eight video tutorials… everything you need to become a lunchtime power player.

To Enter:
1. Follow Stormy on Twitter – or let me know that you already follow her – then post to my comments below.

2. Follow me on Twitter – or let me know that you already follow me – then post to my comments below.

Deadline to enter: Wednesday, September 12 at 23:50 CST, and the winner will be announced on or before Friday, September 14.

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