Gastronomista Giveaway

I’ve had a ginormous girl crush on the Gastronomista site since I discovered it last year. First, there’s the elegant, sassy visual design and editorial tone. See?

Then there are the bios on this About page that totally won my heart.

See what I mean? (Except for the not liking mayonnaise thing, but we can work on that.)

Finally, there’s the intelligent, conversational writing about food and drink — and how they make life worth living — that fits into irresistible categories like Suckers for Packaging, Things We Want, Bacon, and Here’s Looking At You Booze.

Last year, when Well Fed was in its infancy, I told Kathleen (our brilliant designer) that one of my goals was to give the ladies of Gastronomista a copy of Well Fed — and ta-da! We did and they did and yay!

I’m delighted to share that I did a Q&A with Gastronomista recently — such fun questions! — and you can win a signed copy of Well Fed in a giveaway on their site right now.

Go! Go read my Q&A and enter the giveaway and browse Gastronomista. Go! Have fun!


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