US Wellness Meats Discount & The Bacon Song

These are words I like to see together: meat, wizard, bacon, and song. Take a bite o’ this:

Bacon is both the darling and the enemy of the paleo world, but rejoice, because US Wellness Meats makes Whole30-approved, humanely-raised, totally delicious, sugar-free bacon! And even better, US Wellness Meats is having a sale!

Through August 21, US Wellness Meats is offering a 15% discount on meat orders. Just use the code “paleo4u” when you check out. (And if you want to be super badass, click on the US Wellness Meats in my sidebar to get to their site—it makes them like me more than they already do.)

In case you missed it… I  had the super-fun opportunity to be a Featured Chef at US Wellness Meats earlier this year. You can read my Q&A here and check out the recipes right here.

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