Let the Games Begin!

I’m ready for the Olympics Opening Ceremony… are you?! Now I’m off to pop the Scotch Eggs into the oven and whip the coconut cream into shape.

Happy Olympics, everyone!

Olympics Opening Ceremonies: The Paleo Menu

On Friday evening, at 6:30 p.m. Central time, I will be parked in front of the TV — with Dave, Smudge, a handful of tissues...

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  • katetastrophee says:

    Is that hibiscus tea? You look very pretty and festive. Our opening ceremonies consists of (baked)Fish and (sweet potato)Chips.
    My brother in law and his wife and kids live right on the banks of the River Thames. My in-laws are visiting and in the midst of all the festivities. Yes, I’m incredibly jealous. But I’ve got my TV and comfy track suit (blue and white with a red t-shirt).

    • katetastrophee says:

      They don’t live on the banks of the river in a Dickensian street urchin way, although that would be Britishier. They have an actual modern apartment. Not a chimney sweep in sight.

  • AustinGirl says:

    We recorded the ceremonies and are watching them now. SO cool!! Ok, the NBC commentators needed to shut their traps but, SQUEE!! Royal Corgis and Mr. Bean!! I’m in love!

  • Oh, my gosh. You are so adorable. We’re in the UK this year, so we woke our little one up to watch the ceremonies, with our versions of British snacks, including Pimm’s Cup (turns out, it’s not much to write home about.) But it’s all a lot of fun!

  • sarah k. says:

    OMG you are so hot! Is it OK if I say that? I still have an internet stalker girl-crush on you and that photo is just the best. The sass!

  • Ms Jane says:

    Ra ra jolly hockey sticks!