Rants & Raves – 05/26/12

I’m on a yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico this week. If things are going right, I’m either meditating, bare foot running, or sipping a pina colada right now. I’ll be back in the world of all things digital on June 4. Until then, enjoy this post and take good care of yourself.


Can you believe it?! Only one thing bummed me out this week. Well, only one thing I’m going to rant about here.

Parents everywhere say, “I told you so.”
According to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics, teenagers who rock out to mp3s with ear buds are almost twice as likely as they’re non-music-loving (lame-o) pals to smoke pot. And those cool kids who go to concerts or shake it at dance clubs? They’re nearly six times as likely as homebodies to knock back too many shots. Seriously? Loud music makes delinquents?! It’s like the Wild One up in here.


Now on to the fun stuff…

Well done, OKU!
There are so many words in this that I like. See if you can identify them: Vegas Strip Steak. You’re right! It’s all three. The Food & Agricultural Products Center at Oklahoma State University discovered a new cut of steak called the Vegas Strip. (Pause again to enjoy what a badass name that is.) Now there’s all kinds of brouhaha because they want to patent it. Whatever. It’s got Vegas in its name.

Get up and Deskercise!

A few weeks ago, I started my new Get Up Stand Up habit, and I’ve mostly been sticking with it. (Although as I type this, I realize I’ve been sitting here for more than an hour… hmmmm.) Anyway, for GetUpStandUp devotees, here’s an article with 33 ideas for quick exercise breaks you can take at your desk. DESKERCISE! Maybe if we say it often enough, it will make us sound cool.

Law & Order & Food

To say the original Law & Order is one of my favorite TV shows is a gross understatement. There was a time β€” until we killed our cable a few years ago β€” that I’d seen every L&O episode… twice. Lenny Briscoe and Mike Logan?! Get outta town. They’re like family. So you can imagine my extreme joy when I found this site that combines Law & Order and food. The site’s tagline is “You have the right to remain delicious.” Can you even?!

Everybody in the pool!
Last week, I wrote about my adventures in bathing suit shopping, so I was primed and ready for this history of the bikini. Best quote ever: “It is hardly necessary to waste words over the so-called bikini since it is inconceivable that any girl with tact and decency would ever wear such a thing.” I’ve always loved the one piece, but I did dig these vintage photos. (There will never be another like Ursula Andress as the bikini-clas Bond girl Honey Ryder.) Take a dip!

Must-Read: Rest vs. Recovery

Melissa and Dallas of Whole9 ask: Are you recovering, or are you just resting? This piece is packed with some serious science and very helpful tips to make sure that when you take a day off, you truly recover.

Just for Fun

Turning Yoga Into Art
Um… none of my poses resemble these stunning photos of beautiful people doing yoga, but I enjoyed looking at them all the same. Most yoga poses are shot in soft light for maximum grooviness, to imply deep relaxation. These photos are vibrant, packed with life and color. These yoga practitioners look alive and alert and engaged. And also very, very flexible and very, very strong.

And this is just a dog on the beach, doing cobra pose:

Superhero Socks
Words cannot adequately express how much I need these socks. They’re superhero socks. With. a. cape.

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  • jacci says:

    Hi. I have been trying to get a hold of your cookbook but ordering it seems kind of impossible. Maybe I have missed some posts, but is it out of print? Even the “used” copies are selling for anywhere between $80 and $1000 on Amazon. Maybe I am just not smart enough to figure out this crazy internet business πŸ™‚ Thanks!

    • Roni says:

      Melissa is out of town. I am her Mom. You can order the book directly from a link here on her blog page or if you prefer you can order from Amazon. You need to click on the “available from these sellers” tab.
      Hope this helps you. Roni Mel’s Mom

  • Wendy says:

    Jacci – Check out this page and click on the Amazon website:


    • jacci says:

      Thanks so much! I think it worked πŸ™‚

      • jacci says:

        Just wanted to say I received my “Well Fed” cookbook a couple days ago and it is amazing. As a cookbook junkie I cannot be more impressed with the interesting layout and great pics. Plus all the intro pre-cooking/spice/etc info at the beginning is giving me a new outlook on my amateur cooking endeavors as a Paleo convert.

        Thank you Wendy and Roni for the info on how to buy! Made my week πŸ™‚

        • Mel says:

          Oh! Thank you so much for the sweet words. I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying Well Fed — and thanks, Wendy and Mom, for chiming in to help!

  • Beckita says:

    WOW!!! What a cookbook!!! I have had some health issues which compelled me to begin eating paleo last December, but I have felt deprived and limited as well as sometimes overwhelmed and pouty about it.

    My therapist recommended WELL FED and I consider this book a tremendous gift to myself! Mel, I know you’re on retreat so when you return please receive these thousand thank yous from me to you.

    I appreciate your honesty in the sharing of your personal food journey.

    As a former Peace Corps volunteer and world traveller, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ethnic flair to the recipes.

    Now, I’m also enjoying the blog! I just signed up for the newsletter and I have a renewed sense of belief that I CAN eat paleo with JOY.

    • Mel says:

      Hola! Thank you so much for this lovely comment. I’m really glad Well Fed is helping you out. It’s no fun when you feel like you never get to eat anything good.

      I hope you continue to enjoy the recipes — and I’ll have lots of new ones coming this summer on the blog, too.

      Wishing you continued paleo succcess!