Well Fed — Now on Kindle

Before we jump into the  good news, admit it: You are totally jealous of my mad Photoshop skillz. I mean, look at that totally awesome low-rent graphic up there. You guys, it might be time for me to suck it up and actually learn how to use Photoshop properly. A class, a book, a tutor… something. I am so bad at it. So. Bad. sigh…

But on to the good news!

Well Fed
is now available on the Kindle. Get it right here!

Amazon totally came through for us. Their Kindle division got in touch with us a few months ago and offered to do a Kindle conversion for us for free because they wanted to get “good cookbooks onto the Kindle.” Dave is a Kindle devotee, and I’m a 100% print books girl, and we both think they did a bang-up job of translating Well Fed into the digital realm.

Cool Stuff About the Kindle Version

1. There’s a little bit of graphic design.
The team at Amazon did a great job of retaining some of the look-and-feel of the print version, without making it annoying. On the Kindle Fire version, the photos and graphics are in color — and in the traditional Kindle version, you get black and white photos, with nice font variations and spot graphics.

2. Everything is linked.
As you’d expect, the Table of Contents and Index both link to all the recipes, so it’s easy to jump around. And where the individual recipes “Tastes Great With…” there are handy links to those recipes, too.

3. Get the PDF for $1.
Just like the print version, the Kindle version includes a special code so you can download the PDF version for $1… just in case you want to go old school and print a few pages — or put it on your iPhone so it’s always with you at the grocery store.

Dear Kindle friends, thank you for your patience while we got the Kindle version ready for you. We really hope you like it! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below so when Well Fed, Volume 2 comes out in 2013, we know what you like.

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  • Ellen says:

    I so psyched that it’s finally available! I will definitely be purchasing this now!

  • Ehsa says:

    Downloaded the Kindle version to my iPad today, and I think “Well Fed” is especially stylin’ on the Kindle-for-iPad app. Lovely pictures, and the links make it super-easy to hop around and explore. Bookmarking favorite recipes could be useful (although when your bookmark list looks just like the table of contents, maybe not so much). I will still be depending on my hard-copy book-book too, of course, but it’s fun to sit on the porch with the iPad version and brainstorm mix-and-match for next week’s meals. The excitement continues !!!

    • Mel says:

      Ehsa, you’re the most supportive cheerleader ever. Thank you! I’m glad you like the Kindle version. Good tip on the bookmarking — will keep that in mind for future Kindle cookbooks.

  • Steph says:

    Ummm. Hm. I bought the PDF, I own a Kindle. Wish I’d known it was coming out on Kindle. I would have waited!

  • WendyD says:

    Cool! I have the paperback, but it’s good to know that I’ll have options for your upcoming cookbook. I can’t wait for that!

  • Mike says:

    Just bought it – thanks for putting it on the Kindle!

  • MelissaD says:

    Just received my hard copy on Monday and have read it cover to cover and made three recipes. We aren’t yet complete paleo converts (mostly because we have four boys under the age of three who are on high alert for anything except mud that comes from the ground; and we have a pantry full of non-paleo food) but we are loving your recipes so far. Having traveled quite a bit and loving to cook has made me hesitant to cut out so many taste-y things but I do think it is time to add more veggies and remove some sugar from our diets. Your recipes are the first that haven’t turned me off. Also, we have a few common threads…my name is Melissa, I am from PA (West Chester), and I went to the Naval Academy so I appreciated your
    anecdote about traveling to Annapolis with your Dad and wanting to go to the Academy (for three weeks). Judging by your commitment to current lifestyle, I think you could have made it. Sorry for the long post…but thanks for the awesome cookbook and blog!

  • Sarah F says:

    AH, me too, Steph. I had bought the PDF as well and have it on my iPad. Guess I can’t justify buying the Kindle version. Although I use the cookbook a lot!!

  • Nicole says:

    Yeah! My paperback is a collection of battered, food splattered pages held together with a binder clip because of all the use (and I’m a klutz). Downloading the Kindle version now, thanks so much Mel!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Just bought it on Kindle…can’t wait to check it out 🙂

  • Therese T. says:

    Have your hardcover, bought the Kindle version for my iPhone..LOVE your book, plus I love that you are based in Austin– we’re in Houston and my husband is from Austin 🙂 SO stoked to make more of the recipes…we started with the spinach-ground meat muffins and made it a “meatloaf.” So. good.

    • Mel says:

      Thanks for stopping by to let me know! I’m glad you’re enjoying the recipes — and thanks for buying two copies of Well Fed. How awesome is that?!

  • Kelly says:

    I recently got your cookbook and an putting together a grocery list. My husband picked 5 things he would like us to make but I don’t think they sound like a make it all Sunday for the week kind of meal… Thoughts?


    • I’m not sure what you’re asking me… I’m sorry! Are you asking if the recipes he picked out are all do-able in one cookup? For that, I’d need to know what he picked out.

      • Kelly says:

        Sorry that was so vague… The two I’m really wondering about would be the BBQ pork fried rice and the machadao and eggs. I’m new to this whole prep thing so I’m trying to figure it all out at once! Are these dishes I can make early or part of them? Thanks for the fast response and help!!

        • The BBQ Pork Fried Rice components can be made in advance, then stir-fried together at meal time. So… make the pork, grate the rice in the food processor, you could even chop the vegetables. Then when it’s time to eat, stir-fry it all together according to the instructions.

          The Machacado and Eggs needs to be made “to order.” Generally, scrambled eggs/omelets don’t hold up that great in the fridge. They taste best when you eat them right away.