The Paleo Diet Without Dieting

On Sunday, I participated in a pretty awesome discussion group lead by Stephanie Vincent of Radical Hateloss. The subject was The Paleo Diet Without Dieting, and I was the guest speaker. If you’re not familiar with Stephanie’s work, she’s a crusader for helping women re-shape our relationships with our bodies. Her blog archive is chockful of insightful writing and big ideas.

In our conference call, we discussed the difference between diet as a noun (beneficial!) and diet as a verb (so mean-spirited); how paleo can stop the chatter in our brains; the freedom of eating real food; and we laughed a lot, too. The whole thing was recorded for posterity, and you can hear the hour-long chat right here.

Don’t miss the rest of the conversations lined up for  The Ladies RX Discussion Series: Real Conversations About Living Our Own Versions of “As Prescribed.” (Get the schedule and learn more about the whole series here.) The special guests are an inspiring collection of women covering topics like self acceptance, the mental side of training and moving away from the pursuit of perfectionism.


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