Breaking Muscle Contest

The fitness site Breaking Muscle  – a really solid resource for workouts, meditations, yoga info, and nutrition – has a new Managing Editor named Becca, and she’s kicking ass and taking names. A few weeks ago, she wrote one of my favorite reviews of Well Fed — and I’m delighted because she also invited me to write a guest post for their site in March. Now she’s given me another reason to like her: Breaking Muscle is sponsoring a new competition to name the Top 10 Fitness Blogs.

If you like The Clothes Make The Girl, I would be honored if you would head on over to this page and leave a comment about why you like my blog to nominate me. The more nominations I get, the more likely I am to get into the final competition. (Eleventy million thank yous in advance…)

While you’re visiting Breaking Muscle, be sure to check out some of the articles. Here are some of my favorite stories they’ve posted lately:
Paleo Pregnancy: How Caveman Cuisine Benefits You & Your Baby (No! We’re not expecting, but I love the idea that paleo is being promoted to pregnant women.)

6 Tips for an Injury Free Yoga Class

Are Female Athletes at Higher Risk of Injury at Menstruation?

I Am Batman! How To Get 10% Stronger In 10 Minutes By Playing Dress-Up

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  • Sarah says:

    Done and done. Good luck!

  • Rebecca Hoch says:

    Sing your praises? Uhhh, YEAH! Anytime girlfriend, anytime.

    Good luck!

  • APayne says:

    Just went there to nominate ya bad self… but do you have to be a FB member to leave a comment? I don’t have a FB account and I didn’t see another way.

    • Mel says:

      Apparently, yes… to leave comments there, you have to use Facebook. I’m with you — I don’t have a personal FB account, only my public webpage account. Thanks for trying, anyway. Super cool of you.

  • Linda (aka VL Beaudry...don't ask!) says:

    Had extreme difficulty trying to do this?! After reading the FB tip, I ended up posting my comment directly to their FB Page…Hope this still counts You deserve this title, Mel…we ALL love you! 🙂

    • Mel says:

      Thanks for trying, Linda! You are so sweet to take the trouble to go to FB. Really appreciate it.

      I am pretty strongly anti-FB, but it seems like these days, there’s no way to get a way from it.


      I like books and typewriters 😉