Our Panel at PaleoFX

There are many reasons I think Nom Nom Paleo (the woman and the blog) is pretty freakin’ fantastic. These are nine of them, in no particular order:

1. She takes amazing food photos and post what she eats EVERY DAY. That is commitment.

2. She somehow cooks every day, works a big-time job, does CrossFit, looks adorable, and spends plenty of time with her family.

3. She is generous beyond belief.

4. She is married to FitBomb and, together, they are the nicest, humblest badasses I’ve met.

5. Don’t even get me started on her adorbs ponytails.

6. She eats with gusto.

7. She likes to cuss as much as I do. (Or maybe even more?)

8. She’s a purveyor of ridiculously cute socks.

9. She invited Charles and Julie of Paleo Comfort Foods, Bill and Hayley of Make It Paleo, and me to join her on a panel at PaleoFX that will be moderated by Melissa and Dallas of Whole9. Can you even?! If that building gets hit by an asteroid, is paleo foodie blogging doomed?!

Paleo FX and Our Panel

PaleoFX is a conference that’s bringing together the stuperstars of our paleosphere to focus on the practical application of the science that was thrown down at the Ancestral Health Symposium last year. Scheduled for March 14-17 right here in our hometown of Austin, it features the big brains (and lovely, lean brawn) of people I talk about all the time: Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, Mark Sisson, Sarah Fragoso, Diane Sanfilippo, Amy Kubal, Nora Gedgaudas, Melissa and Dallas of Whole9, and dozens more. Check out all the speakers right here.

The panel that we’re cooking up is called Virtual Foodies – Contributions to the Tribe,  and will discuss how we foodie bloggers take the science all the smarty-pants are pumping out and turn it into delicious things to eat. We’ll also discuss such hot topics as Paleo treats: good or evil and cheating versus being strict when readers are watching. Hope you’ll join us for what’s sure to be a dynamic discussion with lots of laughing and, potentially, f-bombs.

What: PaleoFX Panel: Virtual Foodies – Contributions to the Tribe
Date: Friday. March 16
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Registration: Get tickets here

Keep up with all the latest news about PaleoFX with the official blog.

Are you going to PaleoFX?


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  • Windy says:

    I do believe I am =)

  • Tonja Pizzo says:


  • Ohanachu says:

    So, I may be a tad bit biased because I’m related to the Nombombs, but I totally agree with your list! Can I just add, she’s a bad ass cook and an awesome hostess with the mostess…I love NomNom (Fitbomb, and the O’s) Wish I could attend the conference. Sounds like it’s going to rock.

  • Tonja Pizzo says:

    I made the meat and “greens” muffins last night–Greek Style! I had a TON of random greens from my CSA this week (beet, turnip, kale) so I nomnomed them with a par boil and threw some of them into the lamby muffin goodness. WOW–they are amazing! I wish I could share them with all!! Also made the scotch eggs–busy sunday! These too were delish. Thanks for all the great recipes in Well Fed. Continues to just stay on my counter instead of on the shelf.

  • Morten G says:

    Nomnom is awesomsome (see what I did there?)
    Anyway, the Paleo Treats subject caught my eye. I think there is the danger of degenerating into the raw vegan trap which to me looks like an excuse for creating “chocolate cake that’s good for you”. As Hannah Harto says in the most recent episode of her show MDK “Thanks to Rawn for showing us that you can still be fat even if you’re a vegan” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddn7JwMnfts)

    • Morten G says:

      Argh! The quote was “I want to thank Rawn for being on the show and showing me that vegans can be fatties too.”

  • Dania R. says:

    I registered for Paleo FX specifically for this panel! You, NomNom, and especially Melissa and Dallas have changed my life… my kitchen is much happier and much healthier than it has ever been. (In fact, I just pulled your Czech Meatballs out of the oven a few minutes ago!) Looking forward to meeting all of you. Thanks so much for… being awesome.

  • Stacy says:

    I’m not missing that panel for the world.

  • Sounds like powerful panel and conference, wish I could attend!

  • Rose says:

    love you both..and your blogs that make me laugh

  • Janet says:

    I am registered and looking forward to it – especially now!

  • Michelle in Austin says:

    I’ll be there. It’s only 1 month away! Can’t wait!!

  • Kathy says:

    There are only 3 things that could keep me from being there. They’re 2,6 and 9, and they’ll all be at my house because it’s spring break. So I’ll be home with my grand babies and I’ll just have to read about it.

  • evan says:

    i would be first in line for this panel of paleo food-blogging awesomeness, but the cost of tickets equals the cost of meat and eggs for a month and i can’t physically live without the latter. any chance they’ll offer a sxsw-esque wristband option?

    • Hi Evan,
      I’m Michelle Norris, one of the Austin Paleo FX Partners & I will also be on this panel…do you live in Austin? If so, we still need volunteers & you can earn a ticket to this awesome event through volunteering. If you don’t live in Austin, you can still earn a ticket via volunteering, we just have to figure where we’ll be able to put you to work on one of our tribes so if you’re interested go to http://www.paleofx.com/volunteer fill out the volunteer form & you’ll hear from our incredible Project Coordinator! Lookin forward to seeing you at Austin Paleo FX!
      Michelle Norris

      • evan says:

        oh my gosh michelle that would be so amazing. we (meaning my also-dying-to-go cave lady and i) live in fort worth, but we’d be more than willing to help out in any way we can. thank you so much for the suggestion!

  • Awww! This is the sweetest post ever! Thank you! We’ll have a blast in Austin!

  • nalani says:


    Have an idea! Why don’t you all come to Chicago, one of the best foodie cities around?

  • dana g says:

    I it possible that this will be video-ed and put up somewhere? Like, not just excerpts, but the whole delicious thing? I’d love to see/hear you guys talk about this.

  • Yes, it will be video-taped in entirety and all videos will be sold after the event in packages. So if you are not able to attend, you will virtually.

    Michelle Norris