A Chat With Stumptuous

Do you know Stumptuous.com? You really should! It’s the online home of Krista Scott-Dixon. She’s our kinda girl thanks to her first-rate information about commitment to real food, smart training, the power of women — all delivered with a healthy dose of no-nonsense spunk and a sense of humor.

Last week, we had a leisurely chat about Well Fed, along with a bunch of other stuff, including what food means to me, my roller skating past, and the power of the “Yes” List. Head on over to Stumptuous to listen to our interview and see what Krista has to say about the book. It’s an opportunity to hear me blah-blah-blah about some of my favorite subjects and to enjoy Krista’s insight.


F*ck Calories

While you’re at Stumptuous.com, be sure to check out Krista’s totally kickass, FREE ebook F*ck Calories.

This fun-to-read, sassy-pants essay delivers practical information for taking control of your relationship with food. It’s a wonderful companion to whatever flavor of paleo/primal you follow (or are considering following).

Here are some tasty tidbits from inside — trust me, you will want to devour the whole thing in big, gnashing bites.

Don’t trust your brain. It lies.
Your brain is easily fooled by shiny things.
Like yummy scents. Bright colours. Delectable tastes.
Food chemists and manufacturers know this. That’s why cotton candy isn’t gray like dryer lint. That’s why Cinnabon smells so damn good.

If you want to change your food, tell yourself a new food story. You’re the author of your life, after all.

Find a picture of the food you’d like to eat. The food that would make your body, mind and spirit feel good – lean, light, energized, full of exuberant mojo and the sweetness of self-care.

Think about the story that food tells. What kind of person eats that? How does s/he feel when she eats it? Who does s/he become? What life does s/he live?

Ask yourself: What’s ONE very small thing I could do to get closer to that new food story?

Hungry for more? Get your hands on your own copy of F*ck Calories right here.

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