Final CrossFit Praha WOD & Prague Dispatch – 10/19/11

Today is our last full day in Prague, then we’re off to Paris tomorrow. It’s bittersweet: Paris will be wonderful, but I’m sad to leave Prague behind (for now).

After a glorious day of 60F and clear, sunny skies yesterday, Prague is showing its moodiness — perhaps the city is also sad to see us go? — with cold drizzle. We had to bundle up for our walk to CrossFit Praha, but were soon hot and sweaty.

CrossFit Praha WOD

2 rounds:
10/leg lunges
10 good mornings, PVC
10 behind-the-neck press, PVC
10 kb halos, 8kg
10 kb goblet squats, 8kg
10 kb swings, 8kg

For time, break up any way:
100 abmat situps
50 manmakers, 6kg dumbbells (13.2#)
My time: 24:49

I TOTALLY LOVE manmakers, so I was in torture heaven. The great news is that my right shoulder is feeling stronger and healthier than it has been — and I did the workout RX, which is always fun. I had a goal to finish in under 25:00 and *just* made it. I celebrated by eating a piece of baguette at breakfast.

Today we’re staying indoors and filling our heads with neat stuff: the Museum of Young Art and the library at the Klementinum… plus lunch at our favorite neighborhood restaurant.

Here are a few snaps from yesterday…

A friendly dragon we met on Petrin Hill.

New graffiti on the Lennon Wall.

The incredible view that opens up before us everywhere we turn.

My next communiqué will be from Paris, so na shladanou and au revoir until then.


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  • Amanda Arthur says:

    Looks and sounds like you two have had a great time in Prague – thank you for letting us travel along with you vicariously! Can’t wait to hear about your Paris adventures!

  • Melissa M says:

    Mel, I have really enjoyed your travel updates. I would have never been interested in visiting Prague before, but now I am. I know you will be sad to leave, but enjoy Paris for me!!