Prague Dispatch – 10/07/11

It’s Friday morning here, and I’ve finally emerged from the jet lag fog. When we arrived in Paris Wednesday morning, we heard the words you least want to hear after a 10-hour trans-Atlantic flight: “I’m sorry. I see no flights to Prague today. There is flight tomorrow – but no flight to Prague today.”

It seems our flight had been cancelled, but we hadn’t been informed. Slight communications fail, no?

I’ll fast forward through the tedious parts of confusing phone calls and disappointed resignation to our fate. We spent the night at a modern hotel at Charles de Gaulle airport and arrived in Prague a little after noon yesterday, just in time to drink a Pilsner Urquell and eat a roast pork leg as planned. Also, Pasquale, the host of the Arcadia Residence came through and booked us in our favorite apartment… the one with the view of the clock tower. We fell asleep listening to the ambient sounds of people walking in Old Town Square, and after 11 hours of shuteye  last night, I feel like a new woman.

Here are two little snippets of adventure thus far. First, the Hotel Ibis where we endured the almost-hallucinatory effects of jet lag.

And now, something much sweeter…

The tears that sprang to my eyes when I saw this outside the Apple store in Prague were a big surprise. I had no idea I held so much affection for Steve Jobs. I took this photo with my iPhone, of course. The products he championed – the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone – are so integral to the way I live, I never think about it. I could not have the career or lifestyle I have today without the Mac. Amazing.

Be sure to love on the people you love today.

We just finished a rejuvenating breakfast, and I’m not sure what the rest of our day holds yet. It’s a refreshing 50 degrees outside, so we’re thinking about a long walk to enjoy the cool air. The 100+ temps of Austin feel blessedly far away. Tomorrow, we’re going to the Expat Expo (never too soon to start planning the ‘next life’) and meeting Keri and Zdenek from CrossFit Praha for a visit to their new favorite pub.

Wishing you a happy weekend!

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  • Lauren says:

    Say hello to my beloved city for me! I am so, so envious.

  • Chowstalker says:

    Oh good, you got the travel hassles out of the way right up front! : D Now the rest of the vacation can go smoothly. So you are planning to move to Prague one day??

  • Dana says:

    Oh, have fun, have fun! You may like to check out a restaurant called Lokal ( We went with a Czech friend. Here’s part of a write-up a did about it:
    Our friend Petr has provided great insights into life in Prague, and knowing my passion for food, has helped steer us away from the tourist trap gauntlet and into local restaurants. The first of these, Lokál, is a play on a Communist-era pub. (The sense of humor with which the Czechs and Slovaks approach their history has surprised me, but it’s surely for the best.) Lokál serves dishes locals like Petr remember from their youth — but upgraded to meet the tastes of the increasingly well-to-do 30somethings who frequent it. Owned by the first recipient of a Michelin star in Czech, Lokál is a bright, smoky place packed full — and with not a tourist in sight other than yours truly.

  • Mel says:

    Lauren –> Prague sends her love back to you!

    Patty–> yes! 5-year plan is to move here for a few years.

    Dana–> OMG. We were just this minute talking about where to go to dinner, and Lokal was our first choice. Haven’t tried it yet but now we must go tonight!

  • Dana says:

    Loving your photos! Prague is such an incredibly beautiful city. Did you like Lokal??

    • Mel says:

      I loved the look and vibe of Lokal! Sadly, we didn’t get to eat there. The first time we went, we arrived too late and the kitchen was closed. The second time, we called for reservations and they were completely booked! I hope when we return to Prague in 2012, the third time will be the charm and we’ll be able to eat there.

      • Dana says:

        Oh, too bad! Well you’re off to my favorite city in the world now. I would have way too many suggestions to list for Paris 😉 Happily I’ll be there myself in 25 days (not that I’m counting or anything … )