Strength Tuesday – 09/27/11

In my quest for lean superhero-ness, I tackle the Strength Training Workout posted by Coach Wes every Tuesday at CrossFit Austin.

Today was my last Strength Tuesday before we depart for one month of relaxation and adventure in Prague and Paris. I will definitely lift some heavy stuff at CrossFit Praha, but I won’t have my training partners Machine Gun Jenny or Coach Walker nearby!

A few weeks ago, Jenny and Walker challenged me to wear fishnets to a strength workout, and I’m proud to say, this morning, I rose to that challenge. I neglected to get a photo, but use your imagination: black tank top, black shorts with gold metallic trim, black fishnets, and badass knee socks. I think I might always wear fishnets on Tuesdays – they helped me summon my Rollergirl power.

Strength WOD

6 sets:
2 box squats @ 85%, 135#
4 ring rows

3 sets:
3 deadlifts @ 75%, 145#
11 face pulls w/ band

10/side palloff press

Today was my first time doing box squats, and I can already feel the after affects in my outer quads. Tomorrow should be fun!

Face pulls! They just sound wrong, right?! Rather than try to describe them in words, here’s a video demo. We used the skinny white bands wrapped around the pullup bar.

And finally, another new trick: Palloff Presses! We used red bands, wrapped around the base of the pullup bars. Don’t be fooled by how easy they look – I could feel my obliques bearing down to keep my torso from rotating. Good stuff!

Today was a reminder of why it’s important for me to go to Strength Training with Coach Wes every week. He pulls out all kinds of cool tricks to make sure we keep challenging our skills and improving our strength.


Did you workout today? And more importantly, did you wear fishnets? Tell us all about it, please.


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  • Cindy Hunter says:

    Your fishnets, bad ass socks, and amazing attitude rock my world!

    • Mel says:

      YAY! Thanks, Cindy.

      I’d forgotten how comfortable it is to wear fishnets and tall socks. The fishnets prevent chafing of shorts on the run, and the knee socks protect shins during deadlifts. No one should be surprised if I start showing up in fishnets more often.

  • Kelly says:

    *sigh* a whole month of Prague and Paris? You lucky girl! Enjoy!

    Also, I see you’re reading The Shadow of the Wind – I just finished it a couple of months ago. I loved it so much I was sad when it was over. I can’t wait to see your post on it!

    • Mel says:

      Prague for 1 1/2 weeks, Paris for 5 days, and NO dayjob at all for the month of October. I’m delerious with excitement.

      I was really sad when Shadow of the Wind was over, too. Have you read The Angel’s Game? I’m taking that one to Prague. In fact, I might read it on the plane.

      • Kelly says:

        I did read The Angel’s Game. I didn’t like it as much as Shadow, but I still really liked it a lot. I wish there were more books of Ruiz-Zafon’s in English.

  • I am going to miss you SO MUCH!!! I’m trying not to be selfish. You are going to have an amazing time. I’m going to have to really push myself and keep lifting heavy while you’re gone. And you were a total sexy beast this morning in your fishnets. Daaaaaaamn! 🙂

    Bring me a Crossfit Prague t-shirt? Or chocolate croissants from Paris? No no the t-shirt…the t-shirt. Better idea.

  • Tom R. says:

    My experience with box squats is that they are felt where the sun really don’t shine. Good luck tomorrow. We lifted heavy yesterday and WOD’d today.

    3RFT: 15 power snatches (95), 15 pullups, 400m run. 16:35. I suck at power snatches and got mauled by my crew. You win some, you lose some.

    Looking forward to updates from the road, and pics of the fishnets are mandatory next time.

    • Mel says:

      I’m already starting to feel a little stiff. YAY, box squats. Holy cow.

      I will definitely remember some crazy fishnet+barbell pics next time.