A Week Of Workouts

I’ve had a busy week with the corporate overlords and cookbook production – and I surrendered yesterday to a mild head cold by spending the ENTIRE DAY in bed – so I’ve slacked a little on workout updates. In case you’re curious about what how I got sweaty this week, I’ve compiled them below. Coach Wes declared this week “Recovery Week” which means the workouts were all strength- and skill-based. As my workout pal Erica said today, “They were a slow, sweaty grind”… which, now that I type it, makes it sound like a totally different (sexy) thing than what it really was. Anyway… Recovery Week also usually means that Coach Wes is going to try to kill us with his programming next week. YAY?

Tuesday – Strength
WOD #1
3 rounds:
7 seated DB press, 25# 30# DBs – rest :90
7/leg front-rack reverse lunges, 45# 50# 55# – rest :90

WOD #2
4 rounds:
7 powell raises, 10# – rest :45
5 back extensions – rest :45

WOD #3
3 rounds:
:60/side side plank – rest :30
11 DB external rotation, 8# – rest :30
:60 lateral monster walk – rest :30

None of this was very exciting – all of it was tremendously necessary. I’m still rehabbing my shoulder, so the powell raises and external rotations are just what I needed. Boring, but important. I give it a solid B.

A. row for 7:00 Minutes @ 50-60% – at the top of each minute, :10 sprint @ 100% effort
rest 3:00 – mobility work

B. run for 7:00 @ 50-60% effort focusing on POSE mechanics
rest 3:00 – mobility work

C. 6 rounds of 3 jerk unders + 5 band Frankenstein squats, 45# bar
rest 3:00 – mobility work

D.  on the minute for 7:00, 5-7 seated DB press, 25# DBs

The rowing was awesomely fun. Ten seconds was just long enough to go all out without pooping out too soon. I totally recommend you try this next time you’re on a rower. It was exhilarating. Part D was supposed to be pushups and L-sits, but my shoulder was still too tender. The rowing gets an A+ – everything else? B-.

20:00, on the minute:
2 OH squats @ 3010
My weights: 45# 50# 55# 60# (last 10 rounds)

15:00, on the minute:
2 pushups
3 band squats, blue band

Today was the first day in about six weeks that I did pushups. My right shoulder is almost healed, but it’s not 100% yet. Today was a test to see (a) if I could actually do the pushups without crying; and (b) what the after effects of 30 pushups (chest to deck on every one!) might be. I’ve been icing a lot today, and I’ll do my PT tonight. Fingers crossed that healing proceeds. Today’s workout: A… mostly because I love OH squats, even though they were Hard and Scary today.

Tomorrow is a rest day because I’m writing all day. ALL DAY. Send me good cookbook-writing vibes – I have only 36 days left to write a masterpiece for you beautiful people.


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  • It didn’t occur to me that “Recovery” this week intimates that next week will be “Don’t Worry! Tears Have No Carbs!” week. I’m not ready. Oh dear.

    I wish you lots of genius writing moments and Smudge climbing on your keyboard every five minutes. That’s just part of the creative process.

    • Mel says:

      You are TOTALLY ready. It’s going to be fun (in that painful way). Plus, maybe I’m wrong. It happens a lot.

      Smudge is a creative genius, but not a very helpful typist.

  • Janice says:

    I love OH squats too. They make me feel like a superhero. I guess I saw a lot of superheroes in that position growing up.

    Thanks for the heads up about next week.

  • Tom R. says:

    Love me some OHS too. “Nancy” this morning with my buddies in 14:07 (46 second PR; woo hoo!). I don’t see how the studs go sub 11. Sweat-fest in Okla, even at 0700.

  • Patty says:

    Glad you took a day to rest Mel, and I hope you had a awesome day of writing!